With Religious Fervor

My three-year old daughter started playing Peggle through Steam this weekend and is already playing an MMO. The next door neighbor three-year old girl plays Mario Kart and some stupid Wii hula hoop “game.” They are friends for now, but I don’t know how long the charade can last.

there is a way, always, to pwn

4 thoughts on “With Religious Fervor”

  1. She will sooner or later convert her friend to the dark side or destroy her, agreed. :)

  2. Do the smart thing, make her harvest/craft for you, it’s what anyone with a child does in DarkFall. When you have kids, who needs gold farmers!

    1. My 12 year old loves getting the opportunity to gather for me in DF, does a better job of getting it banked w/out getting ganked and volunteers whenever she’s over.

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