Gender Differences at Terra Nova

Dmitri Williams at Terra Nova links to their latest paper exploring the EQ2 data. The highlights are not terribly surprising. One notable is that men play more on average, but the hardcore women are more hardcore. This will not surprise anyone with a female guild leader.

Dmitri’s highlights note the higher percentage of females reporting bisexuality, although not the higher percentage of men reporting homosexuality; the total not-straight percentages are about the same. That is consistent with the demographics I recall, although he notes the female reporting rate as higher than the general population. I wonder the extent to which these are factors of reporting or of the underlying population. In every online community I know, women discussing bisexuality receive quite a bit of positive attention; men, not so much. There could also be an age factor there.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Gender Differences at Terra Nova”

  1. It’s very interesting work and I’m glad SOE decided to help them.

    Regarding people’s sexuality I don’t care. That is because I’m not expecting romance.

    That in itself probably dates me, I imagine most 15 year olds consider that finding romance online is both possible and likely.

  2. Enjoyed your story on the subject; you usually find some of the newer info out there. I like your perspective on the situation; it seems most of the researchers treat their data as if it were sacred… but the information is only as good as the environment that it is given in.

    Don’t know if you’re interested, but I submitted your story and a vote at

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