Legendary Items and Soldiers

This forum post is dead-on. For those who cannot click through:

  1. Legendary items and skirmish soldiers are similar systems, providing post-cap advancement, customization, and grind.
  2. Soldiers win on customization. They provide full control, unlike the mostly random LIs, letting you customize to your playstyle. Many said that everyone would build the same LI, but on soldiers we see every possible class/soldier combination with many differences in traits. (Unmentioned: there is some chance of a trend away from customization, towards optimization in the future, especially if there is one clear best or worst.)
  3. Soldiers win on permanence. While you mulch hundreds of “legendary” items looking for a good one (or to get relics for that good one), you get one soldier. You do not trade out your soldier every five levels for a higher DPS one. You just pay for him to be a higher level.
  4. Skirmishes are just better than the item xp quests. They are more interesting. (I will say that the Dolven-view instances remain interesting, but then you have quests like mirror and bounty runs that have long-distance travel for one click or fight, respectively.)

Basically, take that soldier trait screen and give us the same sort of thing for LIs. Others add:

  • I really wanted a legendary weapon, but I hate the system added. I never wanted a soldier, but I love the system added.
  • Cosmetic options! You can make the soldiers look like what you want. Let me customize my weapon’s appearance!

“Basically you get a weapon, or a piece of armour or a shield and it has it’s own advancement path. It has XP. It has Deeds. You grow it, almost like a pet alongside you. Your Glamdring that has it’s own history.” – Jeffery Steefel, March 14th, 2008

I still wonder if people will get tired of skirmishes, only having about a dozen, they way they do with the hundreds of City of Heroes missions.

: Zubon

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  1. Sooth. As I said in another comment we can only pray they set things right.

    Skirmishes though, remain the side-dish. A big delicious pot of cheese, maybe, but not the main course. Can CoX missions say the same? (I honestly don’t know). In MxO it was a pitiful waste of server space, that was for damn sure.

  2. “I still wonder if people will get tired of skirmishes, only having about a dozen”
    -> of which a handful always seems to be closed “for the time being” :D.

    When I first heard of the LI system, the one described by the OP was what I thought it’d be like – and it seems I’m not the only one. I wonder how much longer we’ll have to live with the current brainfart of a system.

  3. Yeah, the soldiers are ironically what we always wanted in legendaries, though I’m hearing that the AI needs some serious help for certain class/soldier combos.

    What I’d really like is an option to slot the appearance of your own alts on your soldier. Since they all share a house, it stands to reason that my Champion would be willing to tank or melee DPS for my ranged alts.

  4. I think the key to “not getting tired” of skirmishes is to not do them too often. I only do them when I’m craving ti or I’m with friends and we want to shake things up. They are excellent for that, but not as “main content”

    1. Indeed. If you are scrolling the camera about trying to decide what to do, then go play a skirmish, but I wouldn’t make it the main course all the time.

      But yeah, the whole legendary-ness feels about as timeless as a lil Wayne song.

  5. I have to say, that is pretty dead on. The LI system for post 60 items is incrementally improved, at least in that the legendaries you get at random tend to be remotely useful now. However, the mechanic of mulching hundreds of “legendary” items to feed into the lottery system of collecting relics remains firmly in place.

    The design goal of the LI system (and the radiance system for that matter) was seemingly primarily to give us something to grind on while they cobbled together the end game around the launch of MoM.

  6. Hmm, thought I commented – but I guess not ;)
    I think Mirkwood has improved this system by removing lots of the randomness – but I’m really hoping that this “wipe” provides a way of totally revamping the system to make it more like they announced it. From what it seems, most people will be using 3rd ages for a long time so there’s a good opportunity to change what happens with 2nds and 1st when they are re-introduced.

    1. I thought so too, but my archives says it was on the other post. I was worried about our comment system for a moment.

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