Siege of Mirkwood Contest

Siege of Mirkwood

UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Winners will be announced soon. Thanks!

It’s a caption contest! Choose one of the six images linked below and then send me an email with the caption image number and your caption.

I’m going to limit it to five entries per person but please send them all in one email.

Five winners will be selected by me as the sole judge, based purely on how hard I laughed.

Each winner will receive a free Siege of Mirkwood upgrade key. Note: the keys are for the North American accounts (Turbine run servers). So while technically anyone can use them, they’ll only update your account if you are on the US servers.

Caption 1
Caption 2
Caption 3
Caption 4
Caption 5
Caption 6

Contest Ends December 31st, 2009 at midnight Central time US (or when I fall asleep that night, whichever comes first). That means sooner is better than later.

Thanks to Turbine for the upgrade keys. And good luck to you!

– Ethic

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