Welcome Back Weekend

It is a free play weekend on the two online games I play most, The Lord of the Rings Online™ and Team Fortress 2. There is nothing wrong with being new or being unfamiliar with how the game has changed, but it can get wearing when there are a lot of people asking the same questions every five minutes. That, and since they have no long-term interests, some feel free to strike up dialogues about which political parties and religions are wrong. And things can get a bit crowded. And they want to try skirmishes without leveling their soldiers (seriously, no more group skirmishes for me this weekend, because it is like having a mid-60s group with two mid-40s members). The Soldier and Demoman patches just dropped for Team Fortress 2, so my favorite servers are full of rocket spam (new achievements, yay) from people who I need to kill at least 6-to-1 to keep up my hlxstats score, but then I can get that at times, and it is fun clowning around with explosions everywhere.

: Zubon

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  1. I stopped playing on my favorite CS:Source server for a day and went from 3rd place to 20th, now I’m around 50-60, there’s no hope for catching up anymore.

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