LOTRO Vol. 3 Starts in Dunland?

The collective on the Lord of the Rings Online forums has found a rather interesting tidbit.  The official interactive map shows some new “in-game” geography approximately where Dunland could be.  The area is just to the left of the Waterworks, and if you flip from Terrain to Parchment, you will see the region-in-question disappear.  If you scroll in enough you can see rez-circles and a town.  Looks like Volume 3 might be pushing through the Gap of Rohan.  My guess is Rohan will be in the next buyable expansion, and Isengard will be the culmination of Volume 3.

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  1. Color me surprised! I thought for sure we were headed for Hobbit territory. I might be a little disappointed not to be heading for Erebor but really, it’s all good, innit? ;-}

    Cool find on someone’s part.

  2. Interesting! I just thought they forgot to add the Mirkwood, but just noticed it is there, east of Lothlorien – it is so tiny in comparison to the Dunland area you linked here!

  3. Rohan has been the rumored expansion territory for quite a long time so this is good news. If they manage even 1/2 the quality and content of Mines of Moria we’re in for a good time!

    Apparently you can get a fairly nice view of the northern part of the region from the Dunelanding fort in southern Eregion.

  4. http://www.arda-online.com/map/ compare this to http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Special:Interactivemap – the Arda Online map does not show the city nor the brownish marsh area.

    I am missing the Gap of Rohan. http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Gap_of_Rohan
    Numerous battles with the Dunlendings and Orcs were fought there, a heavily contested area.

    But it is much more south, it is still far away from Rohan:

    It is left to the “R” of Rohan. Given other registered websites like Corsairsofumber, Siegeofgondor and Treasonofisengard this supports the speculation that they will push south starting from Eregion. This somehow also fits to the notion that the Mirkwood Campaign is a “distraction”.

    1. Very good points. If they plan to have the next expansion focus on Dunland, Isengard, Enedwaith and everything south of Eregion any inclusion of Rohan would be purely in passing mention. If they follow the same pattern as Moria and Mirkwood I could see Rohan being a content expansion post-Dunland.

      Then again both areas are large, sparse territories of land spotted with major points of interest. With Rohan being somewhat directly south of Lorien (not forgetting Fangorn) I don’t think it’s a stretch to think they might combine both areas into the next expansion. Taking the road south past Isengard, through the gap into Rohan and looping back north past Fangorn into Lorien.

      Either way I’m hoping they don’t make Isengard into a raid…guh.

      larger map for reference = http://www.middle-earth.be/Fotos/Map.jpg

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