Siege of Mirkwood Contest Winners

Siege of Mirkwood

Below are the winners I chose for the Siege of Mirkwood upgrade key contest, based on how hard I laughed.

Each winner has been given a free Siege of Mirkwood upgrade key for the North American accounts (Turbine run servers).

Caption 1
(Submitted by MU): “You know, this doesn’t have to be the LONE lands…”
(Submitted by CH): “Dear Gandalf, You take the Hobbits to Rivendale, Something’s come up.”
(Submitted by JB): “She’s totally giving me her ‘Light of the Eldar’, if you know what I mean.”

Caption 2
(Submitted by CS): “Fearing that their armies are underpowered, the Dwarves and Elves devise a way to create a new army. Unfortunately, they need the war to be over before the spring because, well…”

Caption 6
(Submitted by MH): “Little did Frodo know that in that jolly instant the ring slipped from his pocket and fell to the ground. He had to start that whole [CENSORED] Ring quest over again.”

Thanks to Turbine for the upgrade keys and congratulations to the winners!

– Ethic

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