Torchlight Walking Animations

I do not comment on animations often, but I am very fond of two in Torchlight. The Destroyer does not walk; he stomps. He stalks. He is a large, angry beast of prey, and not a subtle one like a great cat. To pull a line from the book I’m currently reading, “I’m leaving. The first three creatures — man, woman, or sub — that get in my way, they die. Right here on the floor. Die.” The second is Medea’s entry with her troops. This lasts for a few seconds per game, so enjoy it. Her troops, little versions of her, are in perfect parade march. She is less formal, sauntering behind them without a care, completely at home. Why not give one of the bosses a little sway?

: Zubon

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  1. Solid animations are a significant part of good Art Direction. It always surprises me how many devs really drop the ball on that.

  2. It really makes me sad when I see better community created animations on Second Life than in highly produced, studio released games.

    If there’s anything they shouldn’t be skimping on it’s the animations. To me fluid animations that give characters actual character can make of for a lack of detail in other areas.

      1. Thank you – and eeh… Well, if the world gets better around the end, please do recommend it :)
        We all need some badassery in our lives.

  3. I wonder how often animations are simplified for the sake of performance, and not because the art/animation team can’t do better. Torchlight is easy on hardware because it’s controlled, you will never have 200 versions of your character on the screen all walking fancy. In an MMO, you might, and I’ll take performance over sexy walking any day of the week.

    1. Speaking as one who has done animations for games, I highly suspect it’s more on the heads of the animators. Like figure drawing, making humans look right takes time and practice. Animation is a step beyond that. It’s tricky, and oh, so easy to get wrong.

      If there’s a production reason, I’m more inclined to blame a tight schedule than technology.

  4. I remember playing the very first Tomb Raider game and just loving the way Lara would transition from standing still to walking forward (walking, not running). Part of it was the hip sway (what can I say, I’m a guy ;) but a lot of it was due to the fluid, realism of the action.

    Fast forward 20 years to LOTRO, and we have a game that I (personally) couldn’t stick with due to the stiff, almost robotic gait of my Hobbit. While I liked the way he went swimming with a realistic freestyle motion, the running animation left a lot to be desired.

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