Nice Touches

I am on the road today, and I would like to comment on well-programmed bits in an online non-game, namely MapQuest. First, MapQuest has an “avoid” button on its directions so that you can conveniently re-route around undesired roads. Some competitors hide that feature or just lack it. Second, it lets you opt-out of having ads printed on your directions. Opt-in is preferred, but I understand the business case, and the opt-out box is at the top of the page. Third, you can now hide roads on your printed directions. This lets you cut the quarter page that amounts to “get to the freeway from your house.”

As we say in our MMO context, these little bits of polish make all the difference.

: Zubon

One thought on “Nice Touches”

  1. That is nice, if you’re into printing directions of the web.

    Personally I just stare at the map long enough to burn the image into my brain before I leave, rather than remembering “1st right, then 2nd left, then…” Then if they add another street I’m not totally lost (much).

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