STO Reviews: Short and Long Form

Conveniently, you do not need to think about Star Trek Online, because the blogosphere has already done it for you. Keen has the quick version that about matches the consensus. If you want all the details, West Karana is the place to be:

Sente has the middle-length version.

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4 thoughts on “STO Reviews: Short and Long Form”

  1. They will release this, but they should not. Space Combat and the “Open Group” mechanic (a bit like an automated group finder) are very cool. But as soon as I beam down I get thrown into some kind of mmo combat arcade that is not nearly as fluid as the space battles.

    There are also balance issues and weapon customization is more fake than real. E.g. forget mounting more than one torpedo launcher, if you fire ALL of them, ONE fires and all others go on cooldown, too. So your only decision is if you want more damage and a narrow firing arc of 45° or less damage but a 270° or 360° firing arc. And I fear the bigger cruisers will almost demand the 270°+ versions as their turning speed will be slower, but I will test this myself in practice soon.

  2. I’ve been playing the open beta of STO the last few days. While it’s still too early for me to offer a real review, I have some thoughts to share.

    First the Good:

    + The heavy reliance on positioning has the potential keep battles in space and ground both tactical and engaging even when you only have three or four skills to use. But at this time, it is still only “potential”.

    + The short load times are great!

    + Space is pretty and the ground on some machines looks good.

    + Space and ground are well integrated together. Tons of missions have you engage in both and the story makes sense when you do. Unlike SWG where the space and ground felt like two games stitched together.

    + You don’t need to be a Trek fan to understand the story. There’s tons of references to locations and species and events in the shows, but it’s not required you recognize them to get what’s going on. And the main storyline isn’t bad. It’s a rip off of Deep Space Nine’s final three seasons.

    + This game really feels like a Star Trek war.

    The Bad:

    – The lack of any kind of death penalty decreases the risk of death. When you respawn you can literally go back to DPSing the same NPC that killed you (they won’t have healed at all). This makes all PVE balance pointless, because you can graveyard-zerg all enemies so far in the game.

    – The heavy use of instancing is annoying. Often times you and a group-mate are in different instances. Sometimes you get to choose your instance, sometimes the window pops up and chooses for you. Because every single place in the game is instanced, it takes away from the feeling of there being a “real” persistent world that other MMOs capture so easily.

    – If the launch servers are anything like the Beta servers, this game will fail. Even the second day of Beta, at 3:00am, the servers continually crashed and required emergency maintenance.

    – The ship classes are not balanced. Science vessles seem to tank better than the so-called “tank” ships (the cruisers). For a game with only three classes, this is embarrassing.

    – There are a lot of bugs in the system. For example, although Deep Space Nine was in the closed beta, the entry-way to it is not working now. Often times, you load on a planet as a tiny space-ship or load in space as a giant human. Commands like /follow may or may not work. On multiple occasions I have been stuck inside an object after loading and forced to use a /killme command to get out.


    Long story short, based on the last few days I’ve been playing the game, I have to say that the game has a ton of potential, but it’s not ready to launch now, and probably will not be ready in three weeks either. Although it’s playable, it feels like it needs three more months of balancing and polish before it’s really ready to make players reach for their wallet and say, “Make it so!”

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