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I was rather pleased when the makers of Desktop Tower Defense sent me an e-mail notifying me of their new version. Hurray, sequel! Clicking the link, it took me to Facebook. Hurray, easier to share with/addict friends!

Sadly, it turns out to bring little new to the table. It is a simplified version of Desktop TD, stripped down for Facebook, with an item shop to let you buy back the assorted towers that start deactivated. You earn coins by playing, bringing friends, or spending money; the difficulty is low enough to beat everything (except the level you pay for) with a few moments’ worth of coins. It does add new cards, assorted powers that make it even easier. “Send next wave” is now a coin-bought ability, but you get a bonus for killing waves quickly (similar effect).

I do not recall if I donated to the makers of Desktop TD. It sounds like something I would have done, but the game has been out long enough for me to forget. You could treat the coin shop as that, but it feels more like paying for a bad deal. It would not cost much to buy back everything the original game had. There is a million coin option, and I wonder how many sales they get. There is no sane use for one million coins, although that would let you play the paid level indefinitely with no worries. Oh, and one more thing you can spend money on…

It now has a “Send Ninjas!” button. Every Facebook game needs a “Send Ninjas!” button. These are just the hopper creeps from previous editions, now as an extra wave on your victim/friend (I’m told they will not appear on the paid level) with a new graphic. Still, seriously, every game needs ninjas or something similar to send. That might make Farmville interesting enough to play.

: Zubon

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  1. I love farmville. I am a master. I actually have been mulling a Farmville related blog post for quite some time. It is one of the most successful MMOs on the market in terms of concurrent user data, and is a clear-cut example of just how large the true MMO market is, if developers can figure out how to market to those individuals who consider a flash game fun, but who would never try a different style of MMO.

    1. Just started messing around with Farmville and I can see a lot of things that would be nice in more traditional MMOs. The encouragement to help friends and work together is fantastic.

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