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I’m the gamer in my family. I’ve been playing video games for 25 years and it’s a habit which doesn’t show any signs of letting up. Apart from a few drunken, post-pub sessions on Dance Dance Revolution on the PS2, my wife is a total non-gamer. She is vaguely aware of World of Warcraft and knows that I will sometimes stay up late to play “those silly games” on my laptop.

A fair few years ago, shortly after I started playing SWG, I attempted to explain to her all about MMOs, that a lot of the other characters on the screen were other players and that I was able to interact with them, talk to them, play with them. She showed about as much interest in it as I tend to do whenever Strictly Celebrity X Wife Jungle Dance Factor is on.

So, guess which one of us introduced our four-year-old son to Club Penguin!

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  1. Are you sure you don’t live in my house Dragon? Your references to Strictly celebrity X Wife Jungle Dance factor have a strange resonance to them.

    My own kids have just about grown out of Club Penguin but my non-gaming wife went so far as to create her own account. This is the same (dearly beloved) wife who manages to unintentionally humiliate me every Christmas by assuming that just because I like computer games I have an immediate affinity with every 7 year old nephew playing Harry Potter on his Nintendo DS.

  2. Too funny…I was watching TV today with my five-year-old and he saw a commercial for free realms. He asked what it was and I replied “it’s a game you will learn how to play in a few years” at which point I got a huge smile on my face. Luckily the wife was out so I didn’t get beaned in the head! =)

  3. Haha. I’m totally in the same boat. My wife hates me gaming and tries to foil my gaming plans at any given opportunity, unless it’s Singstar!
    I always game during the Strictly Come X Factor Ice Skating time, which is a relief!
    I recently bought my 2 children netbooks which they play Club Penguin, Sims, Torchlight and Wizard 101 much to my wifes anoyance lol, I see it as an introduction to MMOing alongside me when I’m 50!

  4. If it was your wife, that would be awesome. Perhaps she’s having secret late-night gaming sessions on Darkfall behind your back ;)

  5. Yeah I’ve introduced my partner to a number of MMOs, he’s starting to get the hang of it now ^_^ Not sure I’d let kids play anything that I play, though I don’t know how strictly moderated some of those kid-friendly MMOs are.

  6. Ravious – I was thinking of that post too. Just glad we stuck to penguins and not fairies (not that I wish to convey any implicit discrimination against fairies, it’s just that penguins are cooler.)

    Katherine – I was thinking of writing an article about moderation and server types in Club Penguin shortly. After I’ve done more played…ah, researched it some more, naturally.

    Fuzzy – it was my wife! Got home from work and she told me she’d set it all up for him. She isn’t playing Darkfall though; I’ve set up a GUI interface in Visual Basic to track her IP address and initiate a bypass alert in the standard flux capacitor subroute should she attempt to access any service provided by Aventurine.

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