Worthless Announcement

This just in from Interplay, regarding the “upcoming” “Fallout” “MMORPG”:

This MMOG will have many unique features that we will disclose before launch of the public Beta in 2012.

Hey everyone, guess what? We will open up for beta testing in 2012! Save some time for beta testing in 2012! We only started work on this in 2007, give us a break! Unless the Mayan thing is true. In that case, nevermind.


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10 thoughts on “Worthless Announcement”

  1. I dunno. I think that might just be enough time for them to scrap the trinity (which *must* be done in Fallout), and maybe even move beyond kill ten radscorpions content.

  2. LOL.

    It would be refreshing if a company just came out and said something like “This MMOG will copy and clone the successful features from others and be released once the money dries out” :P

  3. Well, the announcement was about cooperation between Interplay and Masthead, not so much about the MMO Interplay are working on. They fell compelled to say something about the game probably and some intern or marketing guy struggled to put in some neutral sentence.

    Actually I found the announcement somewhat interesting that they go with an engine that is yet to be proven in the market in a released game, but is aiming for the same type of genre.

    That gives some hope for that the game may not become a rehash of “generic fantasy MMO” features – at least assuming that Earthrise will be different enough.

  4. Unique features??

    If I was a competing MMO company, I would be sh*tting my pants right about now! Truly unique features in an MMO are as rare as hens teeth! If Interplay manage to pull it off, they could conquer the entire MMO scene!

    Is there somewhere I can go to pre-order this godly MMO now? I’d pay up to $229.99 for the life sub and $59.99 for the pre-order. Wow… I need to sit down…hype overload..

  5. I like features, so they have me there, but how unique will they be? And are we talking unique to the MMO world, or unique to Fallout? Because copy/paste F3 into an MMO is something I’d be interested in, while something unique compared to F3 would not be so good. Well, time to start a clan and new blog about this anyway! Fallout Boys LFM. We are a tight knit group of casual players just looking to explore Fallout MMO and have a good time. All welcome!

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