I Haven’t Logged On an MMO in Weeks

I feel so free.
: Zubon

17 thoughts on “I Haven’t Logged On an MMO in Weeks”

  1. *high fives*

    I’m with you man – except for 2hrs of Wizard101 with my godson every week – and that’s to spend time with him, not play a game – I’ve been clean for nearly three months.

  2. The more seldom one plays the easier it is to not play when the opportunity comes up.

    Time for a “This is your brain. This is your brain on MMOs” display?

  3. It’s like that scene from Running Man. Any minute now Arnold Schwarzenegger will come along and reveal to us all that we’re being lied to by the evil giant entertainment corporation, and we witness the fact that you’re not actually free but instead a cobweb laden skeleton in a dusty back room behind the set.

    Hey, we’re not far off 2017.

  4. Congrats! I had the same feeling of freedom a while ago, and so far kept away from MMOs. I played a free week of WoW, and then resisted resubscribing.

    I have enough time now to play other games, catch up on my (much neglected) reading, and a do a ton of other things I was neglecting due not letting go of the same time(life)-consuming game for months and months.

  5. To clarify – I got the free week of WoW after years of playing it, then months without it. :P (I think I ended up explaining it poorly on my previous comment – sorry for the spam)

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