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Today was the last day of beta for Star Trek Online. For the last day of beta, the developers gave the fanboys a chance to play what they were asking for.

A lot of PVP fanboys were asking for open-world PVP. That was part of the event. Klingons could fly all the way to the starting location for humans and attack enemy players as they loaded in. Unfortunately for the Klingons, there are far less of them than there are of Federation players, so once they loaded into the zone, they found themselves to be the ones being spawn-camped. I heard Klingons complaining that they were dead before they could move. I heard federation players complaining that killing the same Klingon player over and over at the spawn-point was boring. For all the requests I read on message boards about wanting open-world PVP in STO, I only heard complaints from both sides in zone chat today.

A few Star Trek fanboys were complaining that the Borg in the game were too weak. In the tv-show, one Borg cube destroyed an entire fleet of ships. In Star Trek Online, you easily kill dozens of Borg on your own during the tutorial. During today’s last-day event, the Borg were everywhere. They spawned in the earth spacedock by the dozen. Individual Borg-drones one-shotted Klingon and Federation players alike. In space encounters, no fleet of players could hope to take out a single Borg-cube. The reaction to the Borg invasion was less negative, but I doubt even Star Trek fanboys would enjoy being one-shotted in the starting area once the game launched.

So why is Cryptic giving players in open-beta a chance to test things that won’t be in the game? Partially, this kind of event is a chance to celebrate the end of beta. But also, this gives Cryptic a chance to show what things would be like if they actually did something like this during launch. In Champions Online, their last-day of beta event in Millennium city was a slide-show for most people. The Borg invasion and open world PVP showed that some ideas fans have are more fun as concepts than they are in-game.

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  1. While it is very easy to blame “fanboys” for all the woes of the world, believing that Cryptic made such a horrible mess of their end of Beta event on purpose just to teach them a lesson is simply an exercise in providing Cryptic with an excuse.

  2. I dunno, this sounds along the lines of the saying “be careful for what you wish for, you might get it”.

    You want open world PVP? Done! Oh, the populations aren’t balanced and it sucked to be on one side… well that’s open world PVP now isn’t it?

    You want “lore appropriate” Borg? Done! Oh, tired of having one ship wipe out your fleet… well that’s appropriate now isn’t it?

    Sounds exactly like people wanting something but not really considering how it would play out in game.

    1. Yes, I’m enchanted with the idea. I can almost see developers have a test server and a spite server, with the latter just implementing ideas from the boards to shut people up.

      1. I have a long standing theory that this is Turbine’s train of logic behind the Ettenmoors.

        1. That is the most awesome idea ever.

          If they did this in WoW there would be a server for each class, with that class being ridiculously overpowered ;)

  3. The Borg were quite a bit of fun as long as you picked a highly populated instance. I spent the end of beta in a deep space instance with I don’t know how many other players. We blew up Spheres, Cubes, and a few Devs as well.

  4. It’s just weird to have Borg playing the role of rats. But Cryptic did not trivialize them, Voyager did. Even though the series rocked :D.

  5. The Sol system PvP part was very ill conceived. Cryptic should have been able to predict that.

    The small scale PvP around DS9 and the PvE part with the Borg was better.

    I made 66 screenshots and commented them. Interestingly, there were occasional Klingon ships attacking in the Borg Deep Space encounters. Rumor was they were commanded by Devs, I think they were just NPCs in the most cases.

  6. I did not like that STO demo. I do not call it a beta, I was not asked to do anything but to buy the game after playing it for a while. To me that is a demo.

    STO showed why physics in games are ultimately a gimmick not worth mentioning. If my ensign can jog into a huge metal piece and kick that 50 feet across the room into a wall, then something clearly went wrong. Such physics do not enforce the simulated reality of a game, they break it. The “kill 5 Borg” quests inside and outside were one of the most cynic, most uninspired things I have ever seen an MMo do since.. …well the last MMO I guess.

    The problem there is (again) the numbers driving the combat are more important than the on-the-fly decisions one makes as a player. Homeworld is more demanding in terms of space combat during the tutorial. Any RTS ground combat game is tougher than STO. It certainly does not help if I push [F] from time to time to do a “Star Treky” thing.

    I reckon that the main selling point of MMOs is to overwhelm you with the presence of other people and make that your main focus of amazement, but it is wearing off. I am ready to play a good game with my friends or friendly people. Sadly STO is neither a good game, as a single player game it would not be even released. STO also does a bad job of introducing me to people and present scenarios that are fun to play just for us. I do not need to see 1000 players in the background, I need a handful of people with whom to strategize in a meaningful way. Left 4 Dead does a better job at that, even though it is a shooter, not the heavily RTS influenced game STO is.

  7. I have a theory that the borg in the tutorial does kind of link to the Liberated Borg that you can get from Amazon or the lifetime.
    That said, they’re effed up Borg anyhow. Says so in the pretty text.

    And I had fun on Risa running around shooting Klingons and Gorn.

  8. On the whole, I liked STO, well enough to pay for lifetime membership.

    Sure it’s got problems, but with a good development team and a dedicated player base, I can see the majority of inconsistences being resolved in time.

    At least the devs can separate the wheat from the chaff. World PvP would be a collossal waste of time but PvP certainly has merits in on-going instanced battles or arenas.

    Only thing is, the biggest issues seem to be with the game engine, as it does not lend itself well to space combat simulation. Not being able to travel vertically – or upside down relative to other ships – kind of takes the whole 3D out of it.

    They should watch Wrath of Khan a few more times to see how thinking in 3D can give you a tactical advantage while in combat within a nebula.

    I’m not worried about the seeming lack of community in STO at this time. I didn’t really talk to any other players during my first month of WoW or EVE, as I wanted to learn the system on my own so I could better understand it.

    Reading forums and guides is a better way than asking random people in game “what’s this do?”, “where do I go for this?”, “how do I get there?”, “give me gold”.

    So when it was time to join a guild, I wasn’t a newbie and could make contributions from the get-go. Funny how if you don’t act like a spoiled child you don’t get treated as one.

    So 7 out of 9… err… 10. Good start, feels like ST, has some problems, but lots of potential.

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