Guild Wars 2 Stuff (2/26)

Before I begin with Guild Wars 2 news, be sure to check out the huge skill balancing update to Guild Wars 1.  A lot of people worked very hard on balancing extremely popular (and therefore touchy) farming skills, buffing entire lines of skills, and working on the balance across the PvP formats a bit more.  Then Linsey Murdock of the Guild Wars Live Team hints on Facebook that the next big patch will be a content patch, and she will have to kill people off.  My guess is she might be planning to push forward with the timeline in Guild Wars.  Now, on to the future.

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Wizardblox Code Contest

Congrats to Arkenor, Jeco, and Ryver.  You should get the code shortly.  I’ll try to do this again sometime for those that didn’t win, and next time I’ll amass more codes. :)

It’s been a slow week of thought and news.  What’s really happening just doesn’t move me to write, and all the podcasts I am listening to I just find myself nodding in agreement for the most part.  So….

Want to win a few Wizardblox Codes for Wizard101?  I have three 400,000+ points codes (which may be a minion booster pack)  that I have won myself to give out to you.  I’ll run this contest until 8:00 PM EST today.  To enter either tell me here in the comments or on Twitter why your School of Magic is best.  I’ll pick three at random.  Please use a valid email here or follow me on Twitter so I can send you direct message with the code.


Guild Per Thing

I am a monogamistic bloke when it comes to joining a guild for an MMO.  I dislike playing alts to begin with, but being a member in two guilds for one game seems even more like alting.  It seems discordant with my usual MMO goal of making human connections across the electronic ether.

My first MMO, A Tale in the Desert, doesn’t count because my one character could belong to as many guilds as I desired, which to me makes more sense than anything else.  Yet, it was a smaller community to begin with.  I’ll skip World of Warcraft where I mostly soloed and PUG’d anyway even if I did belong to the guild.  (I still feel guilty for taking a gold, way back in the day, to buy a guild tabard I never wore.) Then I played Guild Wars.

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What’s Playing On My Preciousss

I’ve definitely succumbed to all the good tips for my iThing.  It is sucking up more of my time, but that was time spent staring out a train window or watching a pot boil.  I’ve always been a fan of MMO podcasts, and I’ve tried to keep up with my favorites.  Yet, it feels like a pain to have to get them to my small iPod shuffle of old.  It’s just so much better when I can download them directly to the iThing.  So here are my favorites. Continue reading What’s Playing On My Preciousss

RMT Growing Pains

The pay shop model is very visibly in the process of learning painful lessons. This is a joke. This is a debacle. Cryptic did a last-minute emergency abort on the planned debacle of charging a subscription fee for a game lacking in content then putting all the new content in the cash shop.

I watched Cryptic pull beta content from STO to add it to the cash shop, and I couldn’t even be bothered to snark on it. Not even “fail.” You just shake your head and walk away, you know?

: Zubon

MMO on the Go

My wife gave me an iPod touch for Valentine’s Day.  I was so surprised I was speechless.  I don’t think I have ever received such a nice, unexpected gift.  She gave me an iPod case first, and my first idiotic thought was not that I would get an iPod touch next… it was “well this is weird, I guess it might work with my iPod shuffle.”  That’s how surprised I was.

After setting up TweetDeck and buying Wine Snob, my third thought was “how will this feed me my MMO hobby?”  I tried to look for an iPhone MMO through the App Store search, and I was bombarded with what appeared to be microtransactions for some Facebook game knockoff.  Searching through Google didn’t help much either. I was about to give up hope when KingsIsle posted a Facebook article on their new WizardBlox.

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Mortal Online

My husband has been playing the open beta for Mortal Online for the last week. All throughout this process he has been excitedly showing me everything that’s going on in his game time and talking about the game non-stop. For example, he was excited to tell me about how he was chopping at a tree in town before he found out mining the rock on the edge of town was more profitable. He enjoyed regaling me with epic tales of how he nearly died to a small rabbit. He told me how he yelled for the guards and ran back towards town whenever a red named player came near him.

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