Marching to War Should Look This Awesome

viking jarl squad Anyone have screenshots that measure up to real life? I know we are just primates who react with “ooh, ah” sounds to fire and shiny objects, but damned if the Vikings don’t still have us all beat for awesome. (Carl De Souza with the winning images.)

While some commenters there are down on the second Up Helly Aa picture, as LotRO players know, yes, you drink tea before heading to war. Before a big fight you drink tea, eat an entire rack of lamb (or cram bread), and show off your shiny tokens. Those are the best buffs in the game. Even the ancient Vikings knew that.

: Zubon

Hat tip: Agitator

5 thoughts on “Marching to War Should Look This Awesome”

  1. Not that I’m a PITA hippy or anything, but how is that horse shot not animal cruelty? As far as I can tell, the horse has no protection, while the rider looks to be wearing a good bit of what I suspect is fire retardant clothing.

    Cool picts though.

  2. I am led to believe that the horses suffer no burns, operating on the same principle as humans walking barefoot on hot coals. Just keep moving and you will be fine. On a smaller scale, pass your hand through a candle flame without pausing. Also, animal cruelty standards might differ in a nation famous for bull-fighting.

    I claim no authority, if anyone has better information. It is easy to be cavalier about the fire when the horse is shielding you from the it.

  3. That was basically my though: real tough guy jumping through fire when he has a horse (which has some rather flammable hair all over) between him and the fire. Kinda like those real tough bull-fighters that fight animals who have been pre-wounded or otherwise made a bit more tame (filed horns).

    (Not that I would do it, shit can get you killed, but still, pussies)

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