Break Time

That MMO break has been working out so well, it merits an extension. This is a good time for it anyway; the only interesting MMO release announced for this year is Cataclysm (I already beat WoW, done), and last year’s only sign of promise was Fallen Earth. This is a point in the industry when Raph is reduced to copying Farmville, and while that is probably a good financial decision, it is a bad sign.

To help make the break clean, I have uninstalled a bunch of “just in case” MMOs, deleted bookmarks, decimated my RSS feeds, and will be mostly absent from here unless I have something to say about any other games I might be playing. I had considered queuing up some previously written posts and ending with this on an Ozymandious note, “I did it [a week] ago,” but this is already pompous enough.

Don’t worry about me. No matter how many times you clear that boss, the villagers will still need me to deal with him if I come back.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “Break Time”

  1. Can I have your stuff? Uh, I mean, godspeed fellow traveler. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

    Don’t worry, it won’t always be so gloomy. We’ll be back here when you decide to repent. :)

  2. I just did this the other day, leaving only my steam games available to play

    I just hang out in STO now about an hour or two a night and do a few missions. Other than that I play a lot of wargames

  3. Welcome to the semi-retirement home. Crafts are on Tuesdays and Bingo is all-day Saturday.

    I’ve been completely uninspired by the MMO genre since early October. Short of wasting a few hours (they really were a waste) in various terribad betas I’ve been clean ever since.

    The only MMO I’m remotely interested in, GW2, isn’t slated until 2011 or beyond. Hilariously, I’ll probably need a PC upgrade by then just to play it (computer is 2 years old atm).

    Go go online poker.

  4. “Don’t worry about me. No matter how many times you clear that boss, the villagers will still need me to deal with him if I come back.”

    This line made my day, simply because it’s so true. The game will always be there, with emphasis on “game”.

  5. Probably to go outside your comfort box and try games you would normally not consider possibly.

    Take a game in case called Allods Online. Sure its a cash shop game, but nothing that you just have to have or cant already get in game, even though it may take you longer that whipping out the credit card.

    It’s what I am doing as WoW is done for me, Warhammer I am on the rope about and LOTRO just isnt fun when everywhere you go is MMOLAG…

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