Making It As An MMO Blogger

I have been working on a project for some time.  It had its flits and spurts, and it is finally live over at Massively!  Thanks especially to Shawn Schuster who I approached with the idea.  He helped a lot; especially to whip some answers out of the elusive answerers.  I hope that if you run a blog or want to run a blog that you enjoy the articles!


6 thoughts on “Making It As An MMO Blogger”

  1. That was an awesome idea. I’ve been looking for stuff like this to see how I can fit into the blogging world despite not having a main MMO or game to call home, and hopefully part 2 might give me other ideas. :)

  2. Very interesting read.

    There’s a lot of good advice there. One thing I don’t think was mentioned was that accessibility is often in inverse proportion to popularity. It will be easier to make contacts with people in small companies than people with huge communities. I don’t think (this may be unfair) that it will be very easy to establish a contact for SWTOR at Bioware Mythic.

    Another aspect buried at the end of the article I wanted to highlight:
    “Bloggers are in many ways journalists, even if many of them don’t see themselves that way, and while their reach might be smaller, many of us in the game industry hold them to the same ethical standards.”

    If you’re going to establish a relationship and possibly receive free stuff then it holds you to a higher standard of blogging.

    Lastly if you get free stuff you are, if writing in the USA, obligated to disclose it. For those of us outside the USA it’s probably good practice to disclose it, especially if many of our readers are American.

  3. I *might* finally get my blog started this month. Every time I think of it, though, it seems like an awful lot of work compared to posting on other people’s.

    The idea that having a blog might mean game developers getting in touch with me makes my blood run cold, though. Still, my goal is to have one of the dullest blogs out there, so hopefully not too much chance of that.

  4. It makes blogging sound very important. Don’t think my little blog will ever be very influential…know my kinmates read it, and my Mum. Top search term over last 90 days ‘funny looking animals’…my audience is certainly finding me!

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