MMO Meme of 2010

Barely two months in and I have found a winner.  From the great podcast/site A Casual Stroll to Mordor in their latest podcast with Lord of the Rings Online Skirmish devs, getting hit by environmental effects or geometrical boss effects in MMOs that devs love to use shall now be called:

Standing in the Poop.

The saying is even better because Merric, Goldenstar, and I are parents of small children so it hits home.  Plus it’s not expletive.  I can’t wait to yell in voice chat for some minstrel staring only at health bars to get out of the poop!  The podcast is well worth listening to, and hopefully I will have time to comment on the super juicy bits contained in it later on.

If I weren’t real, could I sing this jolly Christmas song?

EDIT: Since I seem to be living under a rock (or in a too polite LOTRO guild), I will make this my meme for 2010, and use it every chance in-game I can get. I mean afterall, LOTRO needs to be more like WoW, right?

10 thoughts on “MMO Meme of 2010”

  1. Alas, I think if someone yelled that at me, I would have to ignore it on principle. It would be worth the death. :p

  2. To be fair, that expression’s been going around for at least a year now — I hear it all the time in WoW (and on WoW podcasts).

    1. My WoW friends recite: “Rule 1: don’t stand in shit.” It’s fun to be in the room with the when they’re in PUGs, shouting about Rule 1 violations.

  3. Yeah the Instance podcast has been using that term for months. So you’ve obviously hit on a winner!

  4. I highly approve of this “meme”, and will be using it internally whenever we discuss design.

    For the record, we call such places “hotspots” right now. As in “How about we add a DoT hoptspot there?” or “This boss fight is about dragging the boss into the hoptspot that drops his shield.” From now on, poop it is.

  5. -Zombie Columbus
    -February 4, 2010 at 2:56 pm
    -From now on, poop it is.


    Yeah… “get out of the fire! you are on fire! you are standing in fire! stop standing in the fire!” just gets old every 5 min of the pug. :\

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