Allods Online Announces Open Beta

Just a brief note, this one is worth checking out in my opinion.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors, tell your dog, Allods Online is going Open Beta! The Allods Online team is pleased to announce that the Open Beta will officially go live on February 16th, 2010! All players will be able to access the game (no beta key needed) and all current content through level 40 will be available for play!

Please note that all CBT characters will be deleted prior to Open Beta. Characters created in Open Beta will NOT be deleted.

– Ethic

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11 thoughts on “Allods Online Announces Open Beta”

  1. This is certainly very tempting. Just one question: is the only difference between an open beta in a free-to-play game where your beta characters won’t be wiped, and a full launch, that by labelling it a beta, they reserve the right to change things at will, and for it to have a few bugs?

    1. pretty sure all games reserve the right to change anything they want after launch, f2p or not.

      the difference between a beta and a free trial is that the game, by definition, is not finished. you’re supposed to go in there and look for bugs, break the game, and report it to the developers, not go in there and find bugs and report them to fansites and blogs and claim the game isn’t done yet. we know it’s not done, it’s a beta.

  2. It’s what they call a “soft launch” I think. Lots of the F2P games seem to use them.

    Effectively, once Open Beta states, the game is live. Since they aren’t selling you a box (or a Digital Download), once they’ve let everyone in and opened the Item Shop (they always open in OB), the game is de facto Live.

    Allods is certainly in better shape now than most subscription MMOs of the last few years were when they went Live, so whatever label they attach, we might as well treat the 16th as Launch Day.

  3. I’ve heard some positive words about Allods, but massively’s “first impressions” writeup described the combat as “slow-paced”. That’s the kiss of death in my opinion.

    1. yeah that whole business about needing 3 people to pilot a ship is a little ridiculous. my first thought was to get 3 accounts and bind the controls to a joystick and kick butt, but i don’t think a game should require that much effort just to get off the ground.

      1. Puzzle Pirates lets players hire NPCs to man stations. You can effectively solo six man ships there. NPCs are less effective than a moderately skilled player, but at least you can get up and running.

        Perhaps we’ll see smaller ships in Allods Online, or NPC deckhands someday. It doesn’t sound like a priority at the moment, which makes me sad.

    2. Then again, some love slow combat because it can be more tactical. To me, it seems slower than WoW when fighting equal level critters, but not onerously slow. I’d guesstimate it takes at most 1.5 times as long with a good combat rotation, and sometimes not even that long. That’s not bad in my book; it’s somewhere between tactical and reflexive.

  4. Sunk a few hours into that at the weekend, and was pretty entertained.

    The combat was definitely a weak point, it’s an area that I hope receives some attention prior to launch. Other than that it felt remarkably polished.

  5. The combat is only “slow-paced” if you don’t understand the Talent Point system and the relatively complex interaction of stats. Once you learn that part, combat is the same pace as any other MMO. Once the OB is up and running there will be any number of guides explaining how this works and giving “builds” so those who don’t like to think for themselves won’t need to.

    Personally I found the “slow” pace of combat to be just what I’ve been looking for. Combat in MMOs has become too fast for my tastes over the last few years, as has levelling speed. I found that as I got into the teens and 20s in Allods combat became just as fast as any other MMO and indeed too fast for my taste.

    As for the spaceships, they are the equivalent of Heroic Group play and Raiding in other MMOs so of course you won’t be flying one solo :P

  6. I guess calling it open beta implies changes are possible. Sort of snuck up on me here :P Hopefully I can snag my game, for once, in a game I will actually play.

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