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My husband has been playing the open beta for Mortal Online for the last week. All throughout this process he has been excitedly showing me everything that’s going on in his game time and talking about the game non-stop. For example, he was excited to tell me about how he was chopping at a tree in town before he found out mining the rock on the edge of town was more profitable. He enjoyed regaling me with epic tales of how he nearly died to a small rabbit. He told me how he yelled for the guards and ran back towards town whenever a red named player came near him.

All of this gameplay sounded strangely familiar. My foggy memories of Ultima Online include grinding small animals, a lack of story, and fearing other players. Even the guard protected cities, red names, blue names and murder-count are ripped directly from Ultima Online. Where themepark games try to hide that they are copying WOW, games like Mortal Online and Darkfall make no attempt to hide their inspiration.

It’s very strange for me to actually see someone enjoying this gameplay. He quotes Conan the Destroyer and tells me this feels more like a Conan MMO than the actual MMO based on the franchise.

My first impression of the game, was less pleasant. I’ll speak highly of the character creation process and the graphics are of high quality, but the gameplay lookes like a massive grind. Whether the path to riches is mining, as it was last patch, or killing small piglets, as it is this patch, it just looks boring. Where my husband sees risk and adventure, I see hundreds of naked “anatomically correct” avatars running around doing boring things.

But, if my husband enjoys it, certainly some type of player out there will enjoy it. If you’re interested, the beta is open to anyone at this time without any purchase.

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Suzina is a 27 year old who usally plays the same MMOs as her husband. Games played: UO, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, LOTRO.

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  1. “But, if my husband enjoys it, certainly some type of player out there will enjoy it. ”

    *giggle* I know how you feel. My husband still gets excited when he finds a node to mine in WoW (from across the room I hear the happy cry of ‘Cool! Saronite!”.) And I’m like … how could anyone possibly get excited about that? I guess there really is a game for everyone.

  2. Unfortunately my experience of the beta was that of getting performance in the ballpark of one frame per second.. on the screen where you enter your username and password! Once I got in game it got much, much worse.

    I’m sure it’s some compatibility issue – it felt like it must have been going down a software rendering pipe – because while my PC is by no means new or powerful, it runs everything else on the market acceptably. I’ll check it out again at a later phase and see if things have improved.

  3. I’ve played the MO beta a bit and found it to be very interesting. I started punching someone who yelled Guard. The next thing I knew I was dead, starting down at my bloodied corpose. Haha.

    Mortal Online is the type of game that requires community participation to play. It relies heavily upon player interactions rather than NPC interactions. In this way, it is very much like Darkfall and Face of Mankind. All of these games could be deemed as “boring,” simply because there is no standard quest line handed out by faceless NPCs to keep you moving. Instead, everything is determined by how much you and the other players put into it.

    Of course, it would be more enjoyable if there was a US server for me to connect to, as I’m sure that’d clear up the lag issues I’ve been experiencing.

  4. Sounds like what I expected – the usual debate between freedom and grind. I think like EVE the pleasure and success of the game will depend on the big picture and how easy it is to get caught up in it.

  5. I think you are missing the point about mortal. We dont want stories, we want resources stategically located, these material that have propeties tht can be experimented with to make weapons and amror. We dont kill pigs, pigs are for noobs to stat up, we form mass armies of human players and fight with each other over the control of territories/resources while communicating over teamspeak. tell your husband to join a guild and learn the game and if you want a story go watch a film or play wow.

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