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I’ve definitely succumbed to all the good tips for my iThing.  It is sucking up more of my time, but that was time spent staring out a train window or watching a pot boil.  I’ve always been a fan of MMO podcasts, and I’ve tried to keep up with my favorites.  Yet, it feels like a pain to have to get them to my small iPod shuffle of old.  It’s just so much better when I can download them directly to the iThing.  So here are my favorites.

No Prisoners, No Mercy – How could anybody not like a podcast about MMOs run by two nuns?!  Not only that, they are great journalists snagging tons of interviews from across the board for game companies.  Sister Julie Whitefeather and Sister Frances  have a good format with some interesting discussion.  A lot of time and love is put in to this podcast.  Butter doesn’t melt in the mouths of these two ladies.

Massively Speaking – My favorite MMO news site also has a great podcast that comes out every week.  This podcast is more news oriented than my other regulard podcasts, but there is plenty of good commentary and banter as well.  Shawn and frequent guest-host Rubi have plenty of interviews and guests.  It’s definitely a great complement to all the articles the main site gets out.

A Casual Stroll to Mordor – This is my only single-game centric podcast (especially since there is no Guild Wars one that I can find).  Goldenstar and Merric are great podcasters along with their baby hobbit.  They aren’t hardcore, top of the game, raiders, but they do have a certain finger on the pulse of the community.  They also get quite a few Turbine employees guesting on their podcast.

Spouse Aggro! and Shut Up We’re Talking – These are two quality podcasts that I need to get back in to.  To be honest, Spouse Aggro! kind of turned me off with some of the unconventional ways they were podcasting before, but Beau and Lela are great hosts to this long running podcast.  Similarly, Darren and Karen at SWUT are also masters at their craft.  I have no constructive excuse to not listening to SWUT lately, but now, henceforth, I will!

The one common factor of all the MMO podcasts I listen to is that they feel comfortable.  It feels like I am sitting back listening to a few friends talk about one of my favorite subjects.  Even the interviews with industry folk are really relaxed, which brings them away from the marketing line.  There are other non-MMO podcasts I frequently listen to like Radiolab, This American Life, Hardcore History, and of course A Life Well Wasted, but I am always looking for more. 

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  1. I used to listen to a lot of MMO podcasts when I had a job that allowed it. Now I don’t ever listen. Feels a little like I’ve lost touch with old friends.

    1. I only really listen to MMO podcasts when they’re: A) based on a game and B) I’m playing that game. That hasn’t happened since I got to 80 on my Warlock mid 09 and the lucky podcast to be graced with muh presence was The Instance. Hoooodiiiiiiir!

  2. I can’t say that I really listen to MMO podcasts, but I might give it a whirl and see what all the fuss is about :P

  3. Thanks for the shout out man! I think we are recording this weekend, so we’ll sing your iPod a song. A lullaby as it were!


  4. Me too, man, every one. If you’re looking for more, you should give The Multiverse a listen. Ferrel, Riknas, and I put it on. We had Karen on episode 6 and Syp is going to join us Friday for episode 9. Our site is over at Vagary TV (http://vagary.tv/multiverseWe’d love to have you on sometime, if you’re interested.

  5. Great, I am downloading The Multiverse now. I have listened to Gamers With Jobs… it’s a good one, and I will check out Digital Cowboys as well.

  6. Butter will certainly melt in my mouth because most of the time it has hot coffee in it. Just catching up on some of my blogs and found this one. Thanks for the mention…it means alot to us. Each show has about 10 to 20 hours of edit time before it hits the air waves. Many of the interviews are simply because of “knowing a guy who knows a guy.” Some, however, are simply because I make a pest out of myself. I think Bill Roper agreed to be on the show simply to stop me from calling Cryptic to talk to him!



  7. A plug for Yivvits and MrBubble (http://www.swgpodcast.com for just the feed, http://yivvitsandmrbubble.com for their community site) who chat about SWG and Star Wars in general. Other games find a mention here and there as well. Some episodes get rantish (blame the Wookie, Yivvits), but it’s always 2 buds hanging out and chatting about a game they love (or want to love, depending upon the latest patch :) ).

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