Gods & Heroes Pre-Orders

Ethic is too modest and shy to announce his foresight, but he picked up some Gods and Heroes pre-order boxes on the cheap after it was canceled. He gave me one, which I have kept in my desk drawer so I would be ready for the fateful day that has arrived.

: Zubon

I am so quitting this game when Dawn comes out.

3 thoughts on “Gods & Heroes Pre-Orders”

  1. I was a beta player, and saw the inherent issues of how they were even running the beta (weekends only, maybe two hours at a time).
    How were you going to fix your game that way?

    I never ordered and even knew they were going to close down..


    But, the game had such an awesome visual quality, and the setting…especially when you first met with your God’s avatar and were blessed with your “unique” abilities…and got your first NPC…and I still remember running along a beach and feeling like I was in Greece…

    It just felt awesome…(my love of Roma-Greco settings also helped…hehe)

    All I know is…..I SO WANT THIS.


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