Wizardblox Code Contest

Congrats to Arkenor, Jeco, and Ryver.  You should get the code shortly.  I’ll try to do this again sometime for those that didn’t win, and next time I’ll amass more codes. :)

It’s been a slow week of thought and news.  What’s really happening just doesn’t move me to write, and all the podcasts I am listening to I just find myself nodding in agreement for the most part.  So….

Want to win a few Wizardblox Codes for Wizard101?  I have three 400,000+ points codes (which may be a minion booster pack)  that I have won myself to give out to you.  I’ll run this contest until 8:00 PM EST today.  To enter either tell me here in the comments or on Twitter why your School of Magic is best.  I’ll pick three at random.  Please use a valid email here or follow me on Twitter so I can send you direct message with the code.


23 thoughts on “Wizardblox Code Contest”

  1. Death school

    Because we’re not afraid to go after the real power.

    Sidenote, WTB Android version of Wizardblox, sounds like a neat tie in idea I like to see more of.

  2. Whether it is team play or solo it is hard to go wrong with the school of Life. A Life mage has one of the highest health pools without item buffs, a very party friendly minion which heals, and of course the best healing in the game. You are generally welcome in any group, many times sought after. Many of the life spells are some of the best animations in the game like Natures Wraith, Centaur, and Satyr. Life school global spell Sanctuary ensures survivability in large fights and is least likely to aid monsters as they rarely heal themselves. Playing solo you might take a bit longer since your DPS is not great, but unlike other schools you can complete most of the game without aid if you so desired. Solo friendly, Group friends, and how can you go wrong with Green?

  3. I’m not in this to win obviously, but Life is best. My little wizard dude is pure Life focused almost all on healing and I have a lot of fun. I resist this second school nonsense. Pure Life can not be improved upon. No, don’t try to tell me I am wrong. la-la-la-la-la-la-I-CAN’T-HEAR-YOU-la-la-la.

  4. Since I have no iPhone to play, I am very interested in this contest! Death School Rocks! I have many wizards from different schools but Death will still be my favorite. With Death you can attack while healing…how awesome is that. With my necromancer I was able to solo most of the game.

    #diarykids rock the spiral! Save the Spiral. Save the World.

  5. I think Balance School is best because we have multiple spells that are truly unpredictable, like Elemental Blast, which can hit you with storm or ice or fire, which Balance School can buff in several different ways. Or Blade Storm, which adds 20% boost to all friends spells. Or Lady Judgement, which hits for a lowly 100 per pip, but is also the most feared spell in all Wizard101. Any of these spells is good enough to choose Balance as a main school, and all of these spells I have mentioned you can only receive through Balance as a FIRST school.

  6. Death. It’s versitile. It has self heals, protections, boosts and good damage spells. Most of the spells have decent cast percentages, so my necromancer don’t fizzle nearly as often as my sorcorer. As Fallon said, it’s easy to solo with death, but it also makes a good member of a team, providing a strong punch.

  7. I have only been playing for about a month. My school is Life. At first I thought how boring this was going to be. The death or storm school would be so much better and entertaining. Oh how wrong was I. I not only can heal and give life but can also fight with the best of them. Anyone can kill a monster on the game, not everyone can give another life. We are sought after by even the highest level players to just help during battle. I don’t think the other schools can say that. You always protect life, with out life there is only death.

  8. I’ve been in love with wizard warriors a long time, playing a string of D&D fighter/mages and fighter/clerics the past couple of decades, so the sturdy Ice school is my perfect fit. I really enjoy being a Tank. I can take a pounding, patiently building up pips because I don’t need to use them to heal.

  9. Myth. You might fizzle, but the odds of you and your little puppet guy fizzling in the same round are pretty slim. Plus, no more than two players can prolong your combats by “helping” when you are trying to solo.

  10. I think Balance is the best school of all. We have the best of all worlds. We have several buffs, we can attack with some pretty awesome spells, we can call minions, and we can heal ourselves and others. :)))

  11. Just commenting to say I miss your posts on Wizard101, and I was so happy when I saw WizardBlox in the title!

    1. I am hoping to get back in to it soon… been very busy. I do miss it though, and it remains irrevocably in my Steam list.

  12. Thanks for the code, Ravious!

    I won “Eye of Bartleby”. Seven treasure cards from the Eye of Bartleby set. A value of 115 crowns in the shop.

    That’ll come in handy for an emergency!

  13. Thank you very much for the code.
    Haven’t cashed it in yet, so I don’t know the return.
    Can you do it in game, or is it only in the App?

  14. I haven’t done it manually because I have the option in WizardBlox of punting it right to my account, but I would guess you enter the code on the website after you log in through the website.

  15. Death School

    You just can’t die, you get the coolest monsters that strike fear in the other monsters lower intelligence brains and hearts. The opposite school of life sure is similar but you was mana and turns on your healing moves and don’t get an attack in. storm school has good damage after attacks that continue so does fire school but why wait and beef up the spells you already have at your disposal and destroy your opponent in one fell swoop. myth school has some really powerful monsters and gets you assists in the battle but why not combine the two with a skelletal minion durable and scary. the most prestigous trait about death school is it’s draining abilitys you take a good fair precentage of the epic damage you just did and plop it on your own health you litterly can’t go wrong in this school.As for balance, frost i have nothing against them balance has some tricky abilitys but no power frost can stop opponents in their tracks but only for a short time(i use frost school as a sub-spell school). so that is why death school will live on (theoryticly not literaly that would be pointless).

  16. Im in Fire School, but i would like some mounts. Also, i cant figure out how to get the code. Im connected to the internet, win ALOT like i play until i reach lvl 10, and it said get code. I logged in, then after that, it loaded and said click back to return to game or use a diff. wiz account. Does that mean o got the code or something wrong. plz send me a vid email how to do this if you can Thank you

  17. Fire.
    We are ready to the the impossible. Our pheonix’s and recruits will totally burn down any other school!

  18. Fire


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