Wizard 101 – A Hard Return

I decided to fire up Wizard101 after being reinvigorated by WizardBlox and having a bit of downtime in other games.  In Lord of the Rings Online, I am tired of the solo end game (Legendary Items), and I have for the most part stopped playing except for kinship events where I still have a blast with group play (even at just three).  In Guild Wars, I am trying to work on getting the elite skills titles, and I just ran out of money with just 15 more Signet of Captures to buy.  ArenaNet really needs to consider more ways to spend my skill points.  Anyway, I logged on Wizard101 and saw my Storm wizard ready to roll…  and hit a brick wall.

In hindsight, it is partly my fault.  I took a break from Wizard101 right after beating most of Krokotopia.  It seemed like a good spot to hang my hat.  I still had a dungeon or so to do, but the Victorian canines were telling me to move on.  I loaded in to the game on Friday, and I just stood there.  I checked where I was.  I checked my deck and items.  And then, I checked my quests.

Of all the UI features in Wizard101, even the weighty auction house UI, I think the quest log is the absolute worst.  The quest log is set up like a school notebook showing only 4 quests per page.  It gives the title, a little picture of the next goal, and a tad more information.  However, the quest log does not separate by zone or region.  It gives no attempt to provide a difficulty measure, either in level or group size.  Finally, the quests are all mixed up.  Flipping through my quest log I had a few for Grizzleheim, one for Wizard City, a couple for Krokotopia, and two or three for my next stop Marleybone.  It was very confusing to re-think my internal notes for each quest.

The Grizzleheim quests, I determined, were placeholders for the next zone I was to check out in Grizzleheim.  I wanted to get through Marleybone first.  They would stay.  One Wizard City quest was for the death dungeon, and the other was a Krokotopia wrapup involving me being a librarian’s errand boy.  The Marleybone quests were basically introductory quests to get me started in the new region.  Finally, I had a crafting quest.  It sounds intuitive and simple here, but this was after five minutes of flipping back and forth through the quest log at four quests per page trying to mentally reorder everything.  After the tiresome work, I logged off without really playing.

Sunday, I logged back in knowing what was in my quest log.  I decided to finish the librarian errand boy quest, which comfortably sent me back through a bit of Krokotopia.  I had to complete a Krokosphinx dungeon.  On my way, I saw a huge Grumish party, which made me smile.  I beat the dungeon quickly, and finally felt that I was back in to the game.  I logged off in Marleybone after trying unsuccessfully to auction hall snipe for scrap iron.  Next time I log in, I hope that I will be able to quickly realign myself.  I am really looking forward to some Victorian tomfoolery.

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9 thoughts on “Wizard 101 – A Hard Return”

  1. I found that the difficulty really spiked in Marylbone compared to Krokotopia. It becomes much harder to avoid random adds when traveling between quest targets due to a change in mob movement patterns. You also need to be ready to face a much wider variety of elements in a given area (you need to be ready for almost any of them in a given fight).

    1. Cool. I plan on taking it slow. I have an extreme’s type deck right now… extreme damage, extreme defense and not much in the middle. I am not sure what else to do with a Storm/Life, but it got me through Krokland.

  2. One awesome feature the Wizard101 quest log has is the option to review all of the NPC dialogue leading up to accepting the quest, which I’d enjoy seeing in more MMO’s.

  3. And you do/post this the very day of the release of the free book update to LOTRO? Huh? :)

    I just had a spaghetti ice cream and envisioned a STO inspired Guild Wars 2 Fleet Action: drive the undead back into the sea!

    There must have been something else in this ice cream, I am afraid…!

    Wizard 101 reminds me too much of Harry Potter. I do not subscribe to this kind/school of magic. I prefer the dark magics of Robert E. Howard, which was all about no-nonsense demonology and beautiful virgins. ;)

    1. Yeah, but Volume 3 reminds me of an apertif. There is no reward for rushing through the content with Book 2 god knows how long away. I’ll just sip it occasionally to refresh my LOTRO senses. :)

  4. I probably won’t go back to W101 until I’m willing to chip in some more money to unlock the rest of Marleybone and maybe MooShu. I really like the game, but I have too much on my plate already, and I’ve run into my content wall.

    Still, I love Marleybone. It’e perhaps perfect for me, playing a Balance wizard, but I’ve never had much trouble with it.

  5. Yeah I agree that the quest log does have its faults. But the built in quest helper is nice though. And one tip (that I am learning the hard way) is never skip a quest. Take every one you see, even if you don’t do it right then. You need pretty much every one in order to get to GrandMaster.

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