Fire Up The Hype Machine

Or don’t. Anyway, Curt Schilling (of Green Monster Games 38 Studios) posted this over at the forums:

Look for something that actually matters, information wise, soon, REAL soon. Like before the end of the month soon.

They are planning to release a non-MMO console game first, that ties into the MMO later. What the “something that actually matters” applies to, we will find out soon, REAL soon. Like before the end of the month soon.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Fire Up The Hype Machine”

  1. Can’t help, this system always seems to scream “we are running low on money”.

  2. This is what Cheyenne Mountain did too… except didn’t 38 Studios acquire another studios too… so confusing.

  3. If its anything less then game play video of their MMO or a full FAQ with screenshots, I don’t see the point of getting excited. its not like we don’t have enough excellent single player games already available.

  4. I wish the gang at 38 well and all but they’ve given me nothing to get behind.

    Curt’s early rhetoric sounded a lot like the thinking behind Vanguard. Now if feels like they’re picking up a business strategy from Cheyenne Mountain.

    I don’t see how either of those facts leave anyone excited.

    We could very well see something different from them but until they give us something different, I will remain doubtful.

  5. There was an interview with Curt basically saying as much that he totally underestimated the amount of money and was quite naive at first. He’s had to take investment to keep his studio going, and as everyone noted, this is a Cheyene Mtn strategy to get some cashflow with a single player game out first.

  6. And we see how well that strategy worked out for Cheyene Mountain. I read the case study that Harvard did on 38 Studios and it pretty much reads that Curt didn’t have any idea about what he was getting himself into. He wanted to build a “WOW Killer” but doesn’t have a Blizzard budget, and now he’s pretty much put all his eggs in one basket financially. Instead of making something different or a niche game and succeeding on a small scale, he decided to go up against Blizzard. That has always worked out so well for the other companies that had the goal of taking out the 800lb gorilla.

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