The end is the beginning is the end


If you haven’t heard, WoW is reworking its mechanics and stats a great deal when Cataclysm comes around. Take a look. Nice post.

It’s silly to generally judge all these changes as a whole and form an opinion right this second about them, because no one outside Blizzard has seen these new mechanics at work. Of course there are people who don’t like it already, but I guess that’s just the logical reaction when your cheese is being moved around. System shock and all that. I’ll wait and see how it works myself.

But what I think we can say is…

…removing MP5 and Defense completely? Taking AP, SP, Armor Pen and Block right out of gear? I know in my mind it isn’t so, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t at least feel a bit like going back to pre-Burning Crusade times. I find it very curious to watch, as a process over time, just how much did Blizzard mess around with these things since those distant foggy times of 2004. And the main reason I find it curious (other than just clinical curiosity about designs evolving in time) is how the original inclusion of these things back in the day was sold, in general terms and with more or less emphasis, as “Something that needed to be done” ™ in order to solve and correct a lot of maladies about the game… and now they’re taken away as if nothing really had happened. So we’re back, in spirit if nothing else, to vanillistic times? I don’t know.

I’m not saying it’s a good move or a bad move, really. I just find it curious. I’m kinda sympathetic to the new change back to the old because I’m a sucker for simplicity. The way I saw it back in the day, I thought most of what was needed was already built into the stats themselves. Potentiate that and potentiate it right there, at the stats level. I could never really grok the “stat-less” items with bonuses to, say, AP, dodge or what have you. I prefered to have stats, since I guess I’ve always been more of a generalist.

We’ll see how it goes.

(oh, and the Reforging thing they’re talking about? Grabbing a piece of gear and reforging one undesired stat into 50% of a desired one? Probably a small flash of genius right there. Think of all the gear issues it -may- end up solving for the average player)

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  1. The Reforging is something I really look forward to personally. Im hoping it will make it possible to keep certain pieces of armor (or even weapons) for a bit longer, instead of just having to dump something you really like the look of.
    I still have the Tier2 Rogueset in my bank, because to me, that´s the best looking set ever.

  2. The reforging reminds me a lot of old character creation schemes in D&D (where you could swap out two points in a stats you didn’t want for one point in a stat you did.)

  3. Yeah, first thing I thought of is how the wheel of fortune continues to turn here. The system added a bunch of complexity to handle a lot of different perceived problems, now that complexity is being shed to go back to just stats. The more things change….

  4. To be honest, the new stat system they describe sounds just as obtuse as the one currently in game. A new player is still going to have a hard time figuring out what stats to go for. For such an accessible game, WoW has a heedlessly deep stat system.

    1. I don’t know if it’s such a problem for a new player, really. I’m pretty sure a truly new player can get up to 80 without really minding what he or she is packing as far as gear. Favor STR or AGI as a melee/ranged at your leisure, favor INT as a caster/healer and you’ll be reasonably golden. Sprinkle with STA as you find it. That’s about it.

      The system is still pretty forgivable in that regard because all the accompanying secondary effects each stat always had, more or less, are not critical.

      The intricacies of all the secondary effects and the desired results I think are strictly in the terrain of the faithful hardcore (1%’ers, serious raiders and such). Nothing that will concern the truly new player.

      In fact, anecdote, I think way back in the day (late 2005? can’t remember) a Rogue did a little experiment of gearing as much as he could for Spirit – completely and utterly useless to a Rogue back then, and he did fine. He was probably turned into the worst Rogue in the server, couldn’t compare to the damage output of others, of course, but it wasn’t that he couldn’t function at all. Skills and talents go a long way themselves.

      1. You make a good point. I think my perspective is off because I spent so much time in the endgame back when I used to play.

        For that matter, it also has been proved that you can level to 60 just fine naked save for a hand weapon. And that was in vanilla WoW, which was a fair bit tougher than the modern one. It was a troll, but I can’t remember the class.

        1. Gutrot. Warrior.
          There were a bunch of other classes leveled to that point and much more easily than a warrior. Last i knew the guy even managed to reach level 70 naked.

  5. This is one of the reasons I still play Warhammer instead.

    I went from DAoC to WoW, and the simplicity of Blizzard’s game is what I really liked. Then again, it could have been just because I had no clue of what I was doing. :P

    I left WoW when it became a game for mathematicians and those who are on power trips. Warhammer may not be everything I want in a game, but at least I can jump in and have fun at any time.

      1. Actually, I love CoX because if you don’t play like a mathematician, you can still enjoy the game without being told off by twelve-year-old know-it-alls.

  6. “Intellect – Intellect will now grant Spell Power”

    Gee, that took long enough.

    I haven’t even looked at WoW since the pre-B.C. era but all these changes might get me back into the game for a month or so to take a peek.

    1. What’s nice is that you’ll be able to experience the new system without having to buy the three expansions.

  7. Sweet, expect a new round of gear ninjas with the excuse of “I can reforge it to suit my class/spec”

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