Oz’s Trail of Trials – Pre-Part 2

A question and a few notes from a closet Trekkie to any others who may be playing this game –

* If this is set 30 years after Nemesis, and 22 years after Romulus was destroyed, how is Spock narrating it when he was sent to a parallel universe shortly thereafter?

* While the ground fight battles are fun but repetitive, the space battles are the most amazing eye candy I’ve seen since LoTRO’s Lorien. The graphic geek team who worked on this deserves medals.

* The goldspam in this game is worse than Ironforge, Orgrimmar and Bree combined. It was literally impossible for me to ask a single question without it being instantly whisked out of the chat buffer.

* Props to the Trek geeks who worked hard to ensure this game follows established stories/lore. LoTRO is the only other game to do so, in my experience. SWG tried, and ended up…well…NGE is all I need to say.

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2 thoughts on “Oz’s Trail of Trials – Pre-Part 2”

  1. If you listen to what he says, he tells you that it’s impossible but he’s doing it anyhow. Makes sense to me.

    Right click on the name, choose report spam? I really havn’t seen many spammers since I left the Sirius Sector.

    Oh, there’s stuff you’ll see. Oh, yes, there is.

    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v449/LaPucelle/Star Trek Online/

    Here’s some of my wanderings. Note that you can visit Risa, Andoria, and Vulcan without a mission, they’re places to hang out. Do so. (warning: may be spoilers)

    Oh. Go to your character’s ‘paper doll’. Right click on the armor. Choose ‘hide armor’. Do the same for the kit. Do the same for your BOs. You’ll be happier.

    Also, jih musha soh typed into the ‘activate key’ setting unlocks the TOS Movie costumes, the tunic ones.

  2. Thanks for the Khan tip, the clothes are much better looking, and the armor change was very welcome. I felt like robo-trek!

    One control I could never find was how to turn off the UI to take a picture. The manual was hard to use.

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