Volume 3 – Still Not A Hero

Chapter 1

(The protagonist, Me, runs in to the cave and meets with Radanir, the Ranger.)

Me: I am so glad I found you.  Aragorn, your leader, has need of you in Rohan.  You must go there at once.

Radanir: Of course, Aragorn’s will be done.  However, there’s some orcs in this here cave.  They are too close to the elf outpost. They must be vanquished.

Me: Okay, let’s kill them quickly so you can make haste to Aragorn’s side.

(Silence passes as Radanir appears unsure how to proceed.)

Radanir: How about this?  I stand here.  You go kill the orcs.  Don’t worry though, I’ll still stand here until you leave the cave.  Then you go tell the elf outpost of our victory.

(Me sighs, accepts his fate, and begins to run in to the cave.  Radanir yells at Me as he goes out of sight.)

Radanir: Don’t worry!  I’ll tell the others that come in to help you out!

5 thoughts on “Volume 3 – Still Not A Hero”

  1. yeah I kinda thought this part was a bit cheesily executed as well. Honestly, couldn’t the ranger at least help you against some signature orcs or something?

  2. I would have liked the mechanic they used with the assorted secret guard helping you with Mazog. I mean, I knew exactly what was going to happen, but I found it fun to have them fight alongside me.

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