Leashed to Marleybone

This weekend saw a lot of Wizard 101 play.  Obligatorily, the joy I get from opening a load of presents every time I log on is pretty compulsory.  Anyway, I have been zapping away at the O’Leary rats (and cats?) mucking about on the rooftops of Marleybone.  Right now, I’ve been getting through the Hyde Park zone.  I made it to the last boss of the zone, but he kicked my butt pretty hard.  The rest of the zone has kept me lightly on my toes.  At level 30, however, I think I might be a tad overleveled.  I am not sure.

Unlike the sidewalk safe Wizard City and Krokotopia, Marleybone’s safe areas are not as clearly marked.  In Hyde Park the whole zone happens across the rooftops, and the corners of the roofs are pretty safe.  However, when moving from rooftop to rooftop I had to be more careful watching mobs.  As a veteran MMO player, I am not finding this exercise very hard or tiring.  There are plenty of MMOs where I’ve had to visualize agro bubbles in order to quickly move past a throng of mobs.  I didn’t find Hyde Park much different.  Perhaps as I move in to the next Marleybone zones, they will continue to switch up mob pathing and available safe areas.

I plan on continuing on with the Marleybone story.  Grizzleheim remains calling to me in the background.  I’ve completed the first content chunk of Grizzleheim (Sv. Pass), and I think I have the Vigrid Roughland zone next.  Any tips on a good time to make a waylay to Vigrid Roughland are appreciated.

lookin for the place called Lee Ho Fooks

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  1. The difference between Aggro Bubbles in W101 and your generic MMO is you can sometimes outrun Mobs you’ve aggroed in yuor generic MMO, whereas if you Aggro a Mob in W101 you better Get Ready to Rumble! Or Flee, although that does set your exploration back a bit when you Flee and get ported back to the town square, and isn’t really an option when you’re in an Instance.

  2. Marleybone was one of my least favorite zones in W101. It used to be the “safe” path was to run in the middle of the rooftops. It’s been changed in recent months to the sides of the rooftops. I have not been to Marleybone since the change.

    As for Grizzleheim, well I can’t remember the area that well. I’ve been in a holding pattern at a frozen tunnel that I can’t remember the name of.

    Oh and for the dungeon instance zones, you can flee or even die in them without loosing progression as long as either someone in your party is still inside or if you run back within a certain amount of time. I forget the time exactly, I think it’s around 10 min. This is a recent change in the past few months also. It’s nice for refilling potions.

  3. Marleybone was hands-down my favorite zone in W101. I didn’t expect to like it because I generally prefer bright and chipper zones, like Wizard City. However, the story and ambiance got me hooked combined with the Steampunk/Victorian feel, was all she wrote. Mooshu was the death of me. I should have liked it because it was so pretty but oh lord it got boring as hell. I should go back and see if I can finish up real quick and move on. Except that most everyone hated DS which is where I’d be going next. *sigh*

    Good to read someone who is still playing and enjoying the game.

  4. I liked the content of Marleybone a lot. What I didn’t like was the seemingly endless fights I had to endure on the way from anywhere to anywhere else.

    The length of fights in W101 is astonishingly long. Every fight lasts minutes. Once you get as far as Marleybone, let alone Mooshu, you can be looking at 15 – 20 minutes every time. I’ve heard people claim it goes faster if more people join the group, which they can do at any time whether you like it or not, but in my repeated experience another person always added several minutes to any fight, since they inevitably brought extra mobs along with them.

    For a supposedly casual MMO aimed at children and families, I found W101 to have a surprisingly high hardcore element to its gameplay. It’s certainly not suitable for anyone who likes to do things in a hurry.

    1. I agree. I really am surprised at how quickly the difficulty ramps up. Yet, this is the game they made. Each battle is more of a quick chess match than a 1-2-3-1 button mash in less than 2 seconds.

  5. The opportunity to play the game very strategic if you’re so inclined is what I found to be pure gold. A young player will just wait for enough PIPs to cast their high damage cards. I’ve seen them grasp enough to shield themselves and debuff mobs. Excluding the instanced boss fights that’s enough to take you very far. While a more mature player can have different decks at varying lengths for different types of encounters which is what I do.

    Your MB post reeled me back in. I finished of Mooshu in two sessions and am not casually playing DS.

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