Guild Wars 2 Stuff (3/22)

It’s been awhile since my last Guild Wars news post, but I think that ArenaNet slowed down quite a bit for the explosion of awesome we are expecting on Guild Wars 5th Anniversary (April 28).  Hopefully the engines will begin to pick up more speed in the coming weeks.

ArenaNet’s Daniel Dociu gave a presentation at GDC.  Unlike the many bullet-pointed presentations at the con, Docui’s presentation was filled with tons of concept art from the Guild Wars series.  It even had a few 2.5d animations like the kind shown in the first Guild Wars 2 video (my favorite parts).  Fans kindly asked – as kindly as any rabid, starving weasel can – for the presentation to be uploaded.  The Community Managers pushed to get the presentation out to fans, which I believe was not originally planned.  The presentation was slowed down with a few sounds and Guild Wars 1 music added so that all could see in high quality.  The first two parts of four have been released so far, and I expect the last two parts to be released by the 5th Anniversary.

At GDC and ECCC (another small con), the Community Managers handed out some interesting flyers.  The flyers had a picture of either a White Mantle guy with the word “Obey” or a hand holding the Shining Blade-iconic sword with the word “Dismantle.”  Each picture also had a 2d bar code, which gave the URL to a site showing the flyers pictures.  Here is the link to the White Mantle flyer and the link to the Shining Blade flyer

A lot of people believe that an upcoming content patch, likely to drop on the 5th Anniversary, is going to deal with the Krytan conflict between the broken White Mantle and the uprising Shining Blade.  Guild Wars 1 largely revolves around this sub-conflict.  The White Mantle worshipped the Mursaat as their gods since the Mursaat saved Kryta from the Charr invasion.  The Shining Blade were guerilla rebels allied with the Krytan crown.  In the Eye of the North expansion, it is hinted that Kryta is in a civil war between the zealous White Mantle on one side and the Shining Blade and Lionguard (Krytan royal army) on the other.  Most of the knowledge we have of this civil war comes from the small story of Livia in the Eye of the North Expansion.

Anyway, this bit of “viral marketing” will hopefully continue as we get nearer to the 5th Anniversary of Guild Wars.


3 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Stuff (3/22)”

  1. Gotta say I’m finding the whole viral marketing discussions on various fan forums extremely entertaining. The lengths people are going to in search of new clues are in some cases extreme and tenacious. Kudos to the marketing and community folks for setting up the campaign and getting people worked up. As a non-lore-y person I’ll just watch from the sidelines.

    *grabs popcorn and watches the entertainment unfold*


    1. I lol every time I read gw2 fan forums, I’m sorry but their desperate grasping for anything tangible is hilarious.


  2. Every time I read about GW2, I’m reminded that what I’ve heard about how they are mangling GW1’s Heroes makes me want to ignore GW2.

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