Shadow of the Colossus MMO

No, one has not been announced, but I have long been wondering why there are so few games of the “it’s all boss fights” style. I can get the notion of having “trash mobs” like matting around a picture, but you probably should not want trash in your game. Grinds keep players subscribed, blah blah, killing 10,000 rats in your new game is not going to be any better than killing 10,000 rats in WoW, so that’s not going to be a huge draw for you. The only place I’ve seen where killing 10,000 rats is different is City of Heroes, where things get to be wacky fun in the late levels with massive AE buffs and attacks while you fight 20+ enemies at once.

Can we skip the crap and get to the interesting part?

: Zubon

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  1. I know there was a general outcry (don’t know how big or strong) that the Watcher did not have all the crap before it, and it was purely a Lair Raid… I think that’s the vernacular the kids are using.

  2. City of Heroes is a good one to mention, because a system like the Mission Architect could be used to create, share, and rate innumerable boss fights. Either that, or they could be randomly generated, with sharable keys saved to those who fought a boss. It might even be better not to have prefabricated content by the developers available that couldn’t be made using the other processes, so as not to diminish the meat of the game.

    Guild Wars-style advancement would be preferable to gear-based, and support tactical play-style and the puzzle nature that’s fairly necessary to an all-bosses game.

  3. I would suggest making those 10,000 rats interesting to kill, rather than outright eliminating them. Instead of fighting one script after another (oooh but this one has a really shiny skin over it, and fire, everything is cooler with fire), make the basic AI behavior more than “stand and die, in style”. Not a whole lot more, because we all know how most players handle a challenge, but just a bit more to keep you awake.

    All boss fights + MMO would make for a rather ugly combo I think.

  4. There’s a market for an all-boss MMO, as there is for an all-raid MMO. It’s just not likely to be the MMO mass market. *shrug*

    It would be nice to see a niche dev tackle it, though.

  5. If all you care about is raiding, I think it sucks to have to slog through X levels before you can do it. It really doesn’t matter how well done the rat battles that precede it are. Forcing players go through hundreds of hours of content utterly unrelated to the type of content they want to play is just silly.

    I like RTS games just fine. However, if I’m in the mood to play a FPS, I’m going to be pissed if you make me play Starcraft for 100 hours to qualify for Doom. Hell, I’d be pissed if I had to play Half Life 2 for 100 hours to qualify for Team Fortress 2. Why this kind of design is accepted without question in MMOs eludes me.

  6. It’s interesting that WoW did this with the Trial of the Crusader raid. 5 boss fights, one after the other.

    General consensus is that this was a bad idea, and the Ulduar/Icecrown style of 2-4 moderately interesting trash packs between bosses was more fun.

    My theory is trash gives you some “decompression” time before the next boss. You can chitchat, and not have to concentrate as much. Then you can focus again for the next boss.

    1. Plus good raids will use the trash fight to teach certain mechanics of the boss fights. That’s why in LOTRO the Rift is hailed as the best instance by many.

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