Developer Gifts

We here at Kill Ten Rats aim to kiss up to developers in any way possible to get free subs, dusted off loot, and star treatment.  Still, we have to appear as journalists-of-some-quality or we would be yelling at a cold corner on the internet.  Thankfully, the brilliant Think Tank division of Kill Ten Rats came up with a way we can make money, please developers, and get more quality articles to you!

For a limited time, when you register for the Looking For Group Expo we will send 10 dead rats to your favorite developer!  If you register a group of four or more people we will include a hand-drawn letter from the dead rats’ family.  It only gets better! If Activision is your favorite developer we will make sure to include a handful of work-friendly Hantavirus rat droppings for free!

But, wait!  There’s more!  Mention Kill Ten Rats to the people at Looking For Group Expo, and in the developer’s gift package we will include a flea circus complete with Yersinia pestis diving pool.  Hours of fun will be had as developers reinvigorate their creative juices watching fleas dance about on rat corpses.

Your recipient developers will be sent this wonderful gift package immediately.  The contents provide hours of nerfball-like office fun, and the day can be ended with with a grilling cookout with freshly tenderized meat!  There is no better way to show the developers that you truly appreciate all the hard work they do.  Act now before limited supplies run out!

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