Guild Wars – Shining Blade Camp

The ongoing Guild Wars viral campaign has reached a culmination, but likely not the culmination. The community was able to come up with two more hidden websites (/neeuqsiamlas/ and /stnarytothtaed/) each showing one word in the Tyrian alphabet. When combined it gave “Blade Camp” which lead to a site showing an in-game screenshot of the Shining Blade’s supposed camp after the Henge of Denravi fell to the White Mantle.

The camp turned out to be Dakutu Village in the Talmark Wilderness explorable area, which I believe is currently unoccupied.  The Blade Camp image also contained another hidden link sending people to an extremely blurry War in Kryta link.  What this means is anybody’s guess, but the viral campaign is marching on both in-game and out.  Big thanks to everyone working very hard to crack all the codes.

the poetry of war

EDIT: Also be sure to check out the on-going courtship between Gwen and Thackeray.

4 thoughts on “Guild Wars – Shining Blade Camp”

  1. neeuqsiamlas -> Salmia is Queen? That’s the princess that hangs around in Fisherman’s Haven and the Temple of the Ages. “Death to Tyrants” (stnarytothtaed) is also quite obvious.

    Very cool. If people still have not done their cartographer, now they have an incentive to go there over Easter. :)

  2. I find it very cool that the GW guys seem to be getting all of their players interested in the actual story of the game. Plus all of the hidden websites and stuff. Usually those websites seem as though they aren’t meant to be seen yet, whereas here they seem to be deliberately having them act as a bread crumb trail. Very cool imo.

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