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  1. Did you just create a somewhat more sophisticated Guild Wars inspired “PUG sucks” image? Can’t make much else of the pic. I am sure many people will also tell you they don’t give a damn about competitive pvp or pvp at all.

  2. Not entirely sure if you’re serious or if this is supposed to be ironic.

    Personally, it has always been guild groups that represented that pit of NO Fun for me, whereas PUGs are generally very enjoyable. Both guild groups and PUGs equate to the kind of quasi-social activity that one finds at work; people with whom you are engagerd in a common enterprise but with whom you otherwise have little sympathy.

    The difference between the two is that you have no obligation of any kind to a PUG once it ends, whereas Guild groups have ongoing consequences.

    And the “competetive PvP” part is just plain irrelevant, I would have thought.

    1. Bhag what you are saying makes no sense to me. Why are you in a guild if playing with your guild is literally the least fun you can have????

      1. The first rule of Bhagpuss Club: Whatever is being said, his experiences contradict it.

        Or was it to not talk about Bhagpuss Club? I can never remember.

        Still, the world needs more contrariness.

        1. I’m not guilded now in any MMO, other than guilds which Mrs Bhagpuss and I inherited or started and which now only have us as members.

          Both of us went through a prolonged period, around five years or so, during which we were in active guilds. We were both in two guilds in DAOC, firstly a family guild, which was one of the nicest guilds I’ve been in and latterly a serious RvR guild that was well-ranked for a few months before it fell apart.

          I was in a number of guilds on various EQ servers, all of which I’ve forgotten, except for one. We were in guild for the best part of two years and it ended very, very badly. It had real-life repercussions that lasted for at least a couple of years. So did issues from another guild we were in.

          We were in a guild for the first six months of EQ2 that was very active and then died as 75% of the entire population of the server left to go to WoW. That was the last guild I joined, although Mrs Bhagpuss still joins them occasionally.

          My negative experience from being in guilds is twofold. Out of game they have caused very significant and long-lasting disruption, the emotional effects of which have taken years to fade. This has happened more times than it has not. In-game, being in a guild means having nowhere near enough time to myself when I log on and frequently ending up doing things I don’t want to do or falling out with people because I tell them I don’t want to do what they want to do.

          I much prefer chat-channels to guilds. I get all the benefits from a good, active chat-channel and none of the disadvantages. I’ve also always enjoyed pick-up-groups and never really understood why they have acquired the bad name they now have. One of the most fun periods I ever had in MMOs was the first 6 months after LDoN launched when we did nothing but PUGs for night after night.

          And I’m not deliberately contrarian, there’s just a lot to disagree with :P

  3. Competitive pvp would be on about as same fun as see’ing people exist for me and pug pvp would be in minus figures, only games to really have done pvp properly are dead and buried (daoc/uo) everything is just playing at being pvp and made it utterly retarded.

  4. I never understood why people don’t talk in PUGs. I have a giant chat macro that I use at the start of each PUG outlining some things people can do to make the PUG go smoother (don’t be a dick, don’t have the same aura on as me) which usually gets some laughs, so at least my PUGs aren’t totally silent.

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