Guild Wars – War in Kryta

The haze has cleared leaving us with the upcoming content – War in Kryta.  Yet, calling it upcoming is not really the best word because it has started coming now.  It really started in-game with Mr. Thackeray’s attempt to sweep the ice queen Gwen off her feet.  Players that have completed the Eye of the North or done specific Wintersday quests are able to collect items from across the lands to prepare a picnic where possibly Thackeray could propose.  Players can get pretty good gifts in exchange for helping Thackeray out.

Last night there was an update that added the Trial of Zinn and the White Mantle Peacekeepers.  The Trial of Zinn follows the aftermath of Zinn’s Task.  Zinn, a rival golemancer to the main story’s Oola, accidentally sent out a few golem in Zinn’s Task to assassinate world leaders.  Players are tasked with stopping these rogue golems.  Now, in the Trial of Zinn, Zinn must stand before the Arcane [Asuran] Council for his crimes.  The White Mantle Peacekeepers are bandits hired by the White Mantle to maintain peace.  This posse comitatus (wink at Tipa) of course are antagonistic to players allying with the Shining Blade, which is about all of them.

It is pretty cool that instead of a big, honkin’ drop of content and goodies at the 5th Anniversary, which is what I believe most people were expecting, ArenaNet is choosing instead to ramp up.  It seems that a lot of players are dusting off their accounts to come back to the free updates.  The other weeknight, Fort Aspenwood, which is my go to for casual PvP, was absolutely hopping.  I’ve also seen a lot of Tweets from people coming back.  Guild Wars birthday is April 28th, and with the pace that has been set, I think we will see a few more truffle bites before the birthday cake comes.

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5 thoughts on “Guild Wars – War in Kryta”

  1. And since they’re not subscription based, you get the feeling they’re phasing in content not to rustle up a few early months of reactivated sub money, but maybe for the sincere purpose of pleasing players and giving them more content sooner. Doing things strictly for the enjoyment of the players? Who does such things :)

  2. meh, I’m told that even a loss in FA/JQ is the best way to get lux/kurz faction now, which is probably why they were hopping.

  3. There are heaps of way better ways to get faction, whoever told you that is a joker.

  4. I avg about 3,600 lux faction per JQ run for a win, and about 1,400 faction for a loss. So, it might not be the easiest (still easy), but it is very fast. 3-5 runs gets you enough faction for the primary quest, not to mention lux/kurz “quartermasters”

  5. That’s really slow. You can vanq a kurz area (if you don’t have a good team just load on discordway and you’re set) and get 15k-20k per run. You could probably vanq an area in the time you finish JQ twice. With your figures, you average 2.5k faction per JQ, so VQ is 3-4 times fasters, huge difference. Add in the fact that you make lots of money,xp and work towards vanquisher titles and JQ is only really good for fun and a little bit of balth faction, for what it’s worth.

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