DDO and Super Rewards, Part 3

Ravious has hit his quota of DDO posts so I’ve been forced to do the final update on the “Saga of Super Rewards”.

Marketroid posted a “final” update on the story here. The important part may be this:

Based on your feedback, we’re stepping away from the ‘Offer’ category for now. We’ll keep exploring alternate ways for players who want points to get them. We’ll also continue to innovate in pricing and accessibility because that’s who we are. As of today, the Offer Wall is coming down. We’ll collect all the feedback we’ve received over the last few days and will use it to guide future decisions.

Follow the link above to read the rest. In my opinion this should have never gotten off the ground floor but at they did a pretty decent job of responding to the player base (and finally responding to the security complaints). And hey, at least they didn’t charge folks 21 times for the last month. Bazinga!

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “DDO and Super Rewards, Part 3”

  1. It sounds like Turbine is still on the right track with their innovative payment models for DDO. Its nice to see that they are learning from their mistakes, and are working to improve on them.

    I wonder what they will do next.

  2. Taking the Offer Wall down was what they needed to do, at least in my eyes. Anything less would have completely broken my trust with Turbine.

    I’m glad they’ve acted in a reasonable timeframe and made the correction necessary, but I’m not going to pour out any accolades either.

    The sad part is how so many other companies have begun to do business this way. Scams are becoming all too commonplace from sources most of us would assume legit.

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