Misery’s Peak

Last night was Day 2 (or Week 2?) of Massively’s Nights of Eberron. Last week was fun but perhaps a bit disorganized.

During the week off, I took my Cleric out back and had him shot, to be replaced with a Ranger. I spent some time getting him back up to level 2 so he would be ready to go. Even still, I had a lot of things to learn. For example, how to use a quiver. It’s not obvious. It kind of works like a bag. You equip it and then you open it and put your arrows in it. However, not all quivers are alike. The two varieties I could find for sale at a vendor are called “narrow” and “wide”. They both can hold 1,200 arrows (that’s a big quiver!). The “wide” quiver can hold 6 types of arrows, with a maximum of 200 each type. The narrow can hold 3 types of arrows, with a maximum of 400 each. Since I only had 2 types of arrows I opted for the “narrow” quiver so I could hold 400 of the arrows I’m using right now.

The Ranger class is reminding me a little bit of the combat in Mount & Blade (don’t laugh!). Really it is a whole new way to fight from previous MMOs I have played. You actually have to aim at your target when you attack. You don’t select the target and press auto-attack and stand there. I’m always moving around to find a good shot, sometimes even tumbling away from my target. I’m finding it a lot more interactive and therefore engrossing. My bow and arrows can even hit for a pretty high amount now and then.

Last night when I logged in we had a nice large crowd again and we started organizing into groups of 5 or 6. I ended up with a few of the people from my group last week and some other folks I had not yet adventured with. We had a few experienced folks along and this made the night all that much more enjoyable. They never failed to spend a little time explaining things to the beginners. When mistakes were made (and trust me we made some stupid mistakes – getting us killed even), they didn’t jump all over us or leave the group. It was great.

We spent our time in the “wilderness” just outside of Korthos. This is a sort of explorable area, different from the dungeons we have encountered up until now. There are kill quests and several dungeons in the wilderness, along with 3 rare spawns of tough bad guys. Upon entering, we were told on the screen that we had one player too high of a level for us to advance any of the kill quests. Turned out we had a level 4 with the rest of us at level 2. Sadly, the level 4 had to leave the group and so we picked up another level 2. We explored a lot, killing one of the rare spawns and finding the 12 important areas we had as one of our objectives handed to us when we entered the wilderness. We even had some fun with a water breathing spell and also being able to use our feather fall cloaks.

[Spoiler Alert] We ran through a few of the dungeons in the area, finally ending the night at “Misery’s Peak”. This last dungeon was a real treat for me. It was not anything complicated or bizarre but it did have one thing I was looking forward to seeing; a dragon. During the dungeon we met up with some of the NPCs we dealt with in the recent past. The NPC group went one way and ours the other way. At a few points we would see them through a sheet of ice or across a crevasse. At one point we could look down through the sheet of ice we were walking on and saw the dragon rumbling on below us. I was really blown away. Eventually we pulled some switches and open some doors and found ourselves in a battle not against the dragon, but with him. All and all it was a lot of fun and I really cannot wait until next week.

– Ethic

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12 thoughts on “Misery’s Peak”

  1. The scene where you look down through the floor and see that dragon rumbling forward below you is absolutely in my top ten list of best game moments EVAR. It is that good.

    Sorry I missed the big night again — I was all set to go when my computer decided to spaz. But I look forward to playing with you guys next week.

    And Ranger’s are a BLAST.


    1. Yeah it really caught me off guard. We are just walking along and I notice the floor is somewhat transparent and then I notice something moving down there and then DRAGON!!! It was just awesome and it jumped way up in my list of cool gaming moments too.

    2. I can’t see past the fact that the event is just some instanced, scripted event. That is on my fault, I suppose.

      Imagine the dungeon gameplay of DDO in a open-world, dynamic enviorment. That would be sick.

  2. That absolutely is one of my favorite scenes in DDO. We had one pretty new person in our group last night and I made sure to direct her attention to the dragon as it passed below us.

    1. The willingness of the group to mention things like that, to explain what we were doing in some puzzle situations, and to teach us a valuable (if deadly) lesson about letting the rogue scout ahead for traps was appreciated. Well, maybe not so much that last part… ;)

      While I have a few more hours of DDO under my belt than my friend does, I still have lots to learn and I have more fun playing through the dungeons at a speed a bit lower than plaid.

  3. Also, at the end of Misery’s Peak, [SPOILER]

    after you destroy the crystal and the dragon is freed and it breathes on the mind flayer, notice its reaction. Although one can never be sure, it sure seems like it is emoting the equivalent of “pwnt, n00b”. :)

    I didn’t like DDO much at launch, but I love it now… the action and movement in the combat system is a nice change from most other fantasy MMOs, and some of the quest lines are great and challenging. Now if Turbine can avoid any more derails like this past week’s controversy…

    1. When it comes to the DDO combat system, I do like how it tends to be more active than systems in other MMOs I’ve played, but I’m still in the process of learning how combat is supposed to work in a group. Specifically, what my character (a Bard) should be doing to of the most use.

      Luckily, I don’t have many songs/spells at this point, so a standard scuffle goes something like
      1. make sure group is buffed
      2. run in flailing sword
      3. damage enemy without getting too damaged myself
      4. heal if needed (usually myself when 3 goes badly)

      And until I get group fight protocol down a bit better, I am very thankful DDO has no friendly-fire damage (that I’ve seen, anyway). :)

      1. How you play your Bard depends on the build. Warchanters get in there and beat stuff up. Virturoso and Spellsingers kind of stay back and take in how the battle is going. Crowd control, heal and beat things down when they can. Otto’s Resistable Dance is a great spell! When something moves in on you, just make em dance. You can beat them down at will and they wont retaliate. All critters have different dancing animations too.
        Dont forget to buff up with your songs, or fascinate the area when things start to go pear shaped. It can give you group much needed time to recover and heal or just get the heck out of dodge.

      2. Thank you for the tips! I’ll have to check out the Otto’s spell before next week. Aside from its potential for keeping me alive, I want to see the dance animations for various critters. :)

        I’m looking forward to next week’s visit to the Harbor. Dance, kobolds, dance! Muahaha.

    2. If you find DDO’s combat system interesting, check out Darkfall. It is even more compelling than DDO, more like FPS gameplay but…

      You gotta be down with the FFA pvp and full-looting. Plus the massive gap between new players and vets. If you can see past its flaws, its a great game!

  4. Seems like I definitely have to give this game a shot some day. I love those “cool gaming moments” and wish they happened a lot fuckin more.

  5. Combat tips for everyone.
    You don’t have to right click for every attack. Just hold down the right mouse button (or whatever you have designated as the attack button) and you will freely attack whatever is in your field of vision. It is a good way to make sure you get those higher bonuses to hit. Same goes for ranged attacks and wands. This will save your wrist and forearm a bit of wear and tear.

    You can also step out of the way of Ray type spells (or just step behind someone and let them get zapped)
    Turtle up?block with your shield when creatures start to do their special attacks (spiders and scorpions start to get a green glow on their fangs or tail). You will take less physical damage, and any special effect (poison/ knockdown/ etc) will not occur. I have my center mouse button set as my Block button. You can also tumble in this mode.
    Tumble off the side of cliffs/ledges and take a lot less falling damage.

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