Upgrading Function, Keeping Fluff

You may have heard something about a shiny pony. One thing I like is that you can keep the same mount your entire career. How many games let you improve the function while keeping the appearance? Fluff and stats should be entirely separable aspects, hence the glory of the now-common appearance tabs. If you really like how your first horse looks, it would be nice to be able to keep it and just have it run faster. You can even force the player to pay for the privilege, but don’t force fluff changes for function upgrades.

Okay, this is more than I was expecting in the sense of “pay for the privilege”…

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Upgrading Function, Keeping Fluff”

  1. I think the argument from the pony’s “one mount fits all” is a clear case of purchasers straining to justify a purely indulgent expenditure by pointing out whatever scraps of added utility they can find.

    $25 for not having to change your mount. Preposterous.

    1. That would probably be a clearer case if I were a WoW player or had made an argument like that second paragraph.

      1. I’m not talking about you, Zubon (I do read this blog often enough to know what you play). I mean the people who purchased the mount and are dishing this excuse around.

  2. This is why I really like the seamstress in Wizard 101. More games need to let you skin an old look onto new stats.

    … Given that Blizzard made over $2M on their first day selling *horse armor*, the people involved with that should get bonuses.

  3. That mount is ugly and EVERYONE has one now. Also, the new pet that keeps talking ALL THE TIME? It’s enough to make you turn the sound off. “I think I broke it!”

  4. I think the bots only talk when they find another one to fight. But yes, it’s really annoying.

    You know what I like about the pony? That I don’t have to pay to see it. At least one person is standing with it in Dalaran in roughly the same place I am every time I log onto my main. So pretty ^_^

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