Pony Revenue

More people bought it without the queue, and more will, but we know that at least 140,000 people bought the sparkly pony. At $25 each, that is $3.5 million. There are costs to making it, dealing with billing, etc., but we’ll ignore those along with the people not in the 140,000. For the moment, I just want to help you get an idea of how much money they already got for the sparkly pony, since most of us have trouble visualizing numbers like $3,500,000.

Take all the money you have, including all your savings, your retirement fund, and any equity in your house. Now add in everything you are going to earn at work for the next ten years. It’s probably more than that.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Pony Revenue”

  1. every year I look at my social security statement adding up everything I’ve made and i wonder where the hell all that money went.

    1. I keep looking at mine and the estimated pay-out wondering, can I get the hell out earlier, fall off the grid and live like a hobo because this is SO NOT WORTH IT!!!!

  2. And to do the same thing, all you have to do is spend several dozen’s people’s entire careers building something that millions of people want, keep it going for 5 years and voila. Instant $3.5 million Tchochke!

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