Walk to Mordor ARG

Thanks to Merric and Goldenstar at the weekly podcast, A Casual Stroll to Mordor, I learned about this prety cool “reality overlay” for people getting in shape for the summer can use to make walking and running a little more fun.  Eowyn Challenge has a mile by mile breakdown of Frodo’s journey in Lord of the Rings.  People can then match up their daily walking or running distance and chart it with the location of Frodo.  My Lord of the Rings Online kinship is doing this as a group journey where people are buying pedometers to track their journeys to Rivendell.  Not often does the fantasy or MMO fringe intersect with physical fitness, but I think this is a great way to get motivated.  Good luck to all participating!


3 thoughts on “Walk to Mordor ARG”

  1. I don’t know how this passed me by last week as it was posted on @lotro, BioBreak, and our kin forums… some sort of oblation will be necessary to atone for this sin.

  2. Very cool. The iPhone has several tracking apps fir runners/walkers. This will be a fun way to make those miles seem nerdily meaningful.

  3. I started participating in this when I first heard of it a few weeks ago but my pedometer has not yet arrived (perhaps tomorrow?). I’ve been keeping track of the number of times I’ve walked my normal paths and will add those in when I get it.

    Pedometer. That’s a funny word.

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