Guild Wars 5th Anniversary Pre-Party

Yesterday the celebration for the 5th Anniversary of Guild Wars began to start off the week-long celebration.  The festivities ramp up with prized Birthday Cupcakes dropping from mobs at the start, and today the Shing Jea Boardwalk opens up for all those waiting to stand in one of nine rings and drink booze.  Also, some lucky few will get their 5th Birthday gifts today.  I am pretty sure my main guy will be getting his Monday or Tuesday, and after four years of common gifts, he deserves a rare.

I want to call it a pre-party though not only because April 28th is the actual anniversary for Guild Wars but I believe there will be more to come.  The interesting thing is no one really knows for sure.  When the prelude to the 4th Anniversary hit we were given a massive list of content updates.  The current celebration site gives no hint of “and more to come next week!” or anything like that.  At the very least, I thought the War in Kryta might culminate to some point around the 5th Anniversary.  The Community Managers have been tight-lipped with regard to any possible event that might occur next week.

In a sense, Guild Wars players have already been getting small nuggets of content for a few weeks now with the chipping away at Gwen’s icy heart and the Peacekeeper scenes.  We also have new party costumes, for those that bought them.  So, I am torn when so many in the community ask “is this it?”  On one hand, the intense drop of content from the 4th Anniversary not only seemed to set a precedent, but it set a very high bar.  On the other hand, with using Guild Wars’ ability to roll out small bites of free content without the need for huge patch days, April has been a whole month of new things in-game.  Still, did they save the best for last?  I think so.

don’t want to harsh their mellow

p.s. Be sure to wish Linsey Murdock a speedy recovery.  She threw out  her back after standing up from a long stretch at the computer working her magic.  Hopefully she gets some much needed R&R, even if she doesn’t want it. ;)

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 5th Anniversary Pre-Party”

  1. I hope you are right and something special happens later this week. I am not the only one who is not too amazed by the recycled Dragon Festival in Shing Jea.

    1. I’m sure many aren’t impressed with it but my Lucky and Unlucky title are loving it. I should max out both by next weekend.

      I reckon there is more to come, and wouldn’t be overly surprised to see an update on the 29th (when the decorations come down) that kicks the entire thing off. Maybe sooner. Seems like they’ve done a hell of a lot building up the War in Kryta for it to not go anywhere.

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