Guild Wars RNG Birthday

For every 12 months of age, a character in Guild Wars receives a small token, a miniature.  There are sets for each birthday, up to the current 5 years, and the sets each contain commons (white), uncommons (purples), rares (golds), and really rares (green).  For the first time in 5 years, my main character finally received a birthday miniature that was not a mere common!  I reached in to the shiny 5th birthday box to pull out a miniature Oola

I had to share it with someone, so I poked my wife sitting next to me to look at the new shiny.  “The little creature?” she said.  I let that remark hang, while I started loading linguistic bullets in to my Sparklepony .45 regarding her hummingbird pet on that Fairy MMO.  “That’s cool,” she finally shrugged, and I put my metaphorical gun down.

Yet, I am still unsure as to whether I should sell the miniature Oola.  She will never be worth more now than ever again, and I am getting pretty loaded with miniatures likely not destined for the Hall of Monuments.  I am hoping that with the Guild Wars 2 news forthcoming we get the Hall of Monuments guidelines regarding how many miniatures we will have to load up to get whatever prize in Guild Wars 2.  I have a mule just loaded with the tiny toys.

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9 thoughts on “Guild Wars RNG Birthday”

  1. Who designed that thing – Steven King? Either sell it or burn it : p

  2. I think the rarest I have are: Prince Rurik, Elf, and Varesh Ossa. I’m pretty sure I have some other purples. Will log in tonight and check all my characters. I should even have a few 5 years to open.

    I suppose I’ll need to pick up EotN sooner or later.

  3. Interesting thoughts about the Monument.

    I got a Ventari so far, I will get another present today or tomorrow.

    My Monument is already over-filled. I have all 1-4 year miniatures except the Eye and Jora and many of the rare ones.
    So I wonder if I should dedicate the mini to another char than my main char.

    But to decide this, we would need some information how the hall is going to work with Guild Wars 2… :)

  4. I’ve got some really old GW characters. You’re telling me that I’ve probably got a bunch of presents to open?!?

  5. Any day now my 5 years are going to pop up. Cant wait!

    Got a good laugh out of, “I let that remark hang, while I started loading linguistic bullets in to my Sparklepony .45 regarding her hummingbird pet on that Fairy MMO.”

    Ive had that same type of moment in all walks of my life haha. BE EXCITED FOR ME JEEZ!@!

  6. No 5 year gift for me yet. I went through all 8 of my characters and rounded up the interesting ones: Prince Rurik, Lich, The Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh, Elf, Flowstone Elemental, Nornbear, Nian and Varesh Ossa.

  7. Yogi that line was freaking hilarious! Forgot to give Ravious props for that one.

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