Alganon: No New Ideas

Not that long ago, this quote appeared on Massively:

The December first launch of the game “should never have happened,” and Smart is working to fix this. Among other things, he says the “WoW lookalike rubbish” is gone. The design team is throwing it out and working in a completely different direction to give the game its own unique look and feel. “You don’t go competing with WoW when you don’t have a WoW sized budget or the manpower to match.”

They copied World of Warcraft, realized it was a dumb idea, and are going to take all that WoW rubbish out.

Then I get the Alganon launch email and it has this quote:

“Traditionally, massively multiplier online games have been about three basic gameplay pillars – combat, exploration and character progression,” Derek Smart continued. “In Alganon, in addition to these we’ve added the fourth pillar to the equation; a story.

Where have I heard that before? Oh right, Star Wars:The Old Republic. Also, nice spelling. Multiplier?

Traditionally MMOs are built on three pillars; Exploration, Combat, and Progression. We at BioWare and LucasArts believe there is a fourth pillar: Story.

Do they have any original ideas? They didn’t have a WoW budget but they do have a SWTOR budget?

– Ethic

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14 thoughts on “Alganon: No New Ideas”

  1. Have you checked out the “new” Alganon? I know I should, since I slammed it so hard at its initial release.. but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to make the effort to download it, when I know it’s still going to be just as terrible as it was six months ago.

      1. Well that sounds like exactly what I expected when I tried to bring myself to check it out and failed. Cheers for the link.

  2. Man if all you have to do to have Derek Smart’s job is talk trash about people, point out obvious flaws in a game, and steal what other people say then sign me up!

    1. I think you’ll find there are NO bugs in Derek’s games. NONE.

      He was quite adamant about this in forums and blogs when All-Aspect Warfare came out. Any time anyone criticised anything he had a go at them, insisted on a full “bug”* report, and then told them it was clearly a problem with their system and he didn’t have time to babysit them through making their graphics card or RAM or floppy drive stop messing up his perfect game.

      Admittedly, quite a lot of the time it was some stupid configuration issue…

      * sarcastic finger-quotes

  3. Lol. Awesome catch there. Though from what I’ve seen, if you pointed this out to Mr Smart he would accuse SWTOR of copying him, and then threaten to sue them, and you.

  4. As I pointed out elsewhere, Asheron’s Call had a month-to-month story back in 1999. Alganon is now so revolutionary, it’s only ten years behind the curve!

    I expect that any minute, Dr. Smart will dispatch a lawsuit to AC1’s launch date via tachyons.

  5. Just to be fair, most spell checkers don’t accept “Multiplayer” as a word. And if you have auto-correction turned on, it’ll fix it for you and you probably end up with “Multiplier”.

    1. True. That is why I’d recommend having a few people read over anything before it is sent out to thousands of people.

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