Optimizing Walking-Like Movements

This is one of those must-see applications of the gamer mindset.

Our good friend Wilhelm2451 explains how Nintendo has a Pokémon device that rewards walking, which is a good thing. It goes all the way to 7,500 miles worth of Achievement, which “encourages aberrant gameplay,” as we might say around here. He then goes on to demonstrate a creation that gets Pokémon to register 120 steps per minute.

Alternate title: “Cheating at Walking.”

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Optimizing Walking-Like Movements”

  1. The ridiculous part is that, even with a faster than normal walking pace, the machine will take four months to reach that goal.

  2. I attached it to my dog’s collar, and I get about 9K steps/day. :)

  3. <_< When we all got pedometers at work (not pokeometers or whatever) people discussed cheating then too. The aim here was to get fitter, not get pokemon. The mind boggles.

    Now I want a pokewalker to encourage me to go for more walks, but I suppose it's pointless without a DS.

  4. My son has one and sees walking as an accomplishment, specifically tied to its unlocks!

    Walking is the sort of grind I approve of!

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