Incremental Improvement

We should look at this as a step forward.

David Allen’s previous game, Horizons, did not go well for a variety of reasons. It was eventually taken over by a new group whose financial backing is small enough for me to consider it a fan-run game. They seem enthusiastic, and they are so proud of their work that they re-named the game “Istaria” to dissociate themselves from the original release.

David Allen’s more recent game, Alganon, did not go well for a variety of reasons, but it has kept going under its original company (instead of transferring several times). Under new management, it has advanced from borrowing from Battlefield Earth to borrowing from Star Wars. These are all positive movements.

I see no reason why his next game cannot be even better.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Incremental Improvement”

  1. That’s interesting, I didn’t know the same person behind Horizons was behind Alganon. The more you know …

    I missed Horizons, but attempted to try Istaria last year. Sadly I say “attempted to try” because the game had major issues running on Vista. So I never even got to log in. But the description sounded really awesome.

  2. I’m sure by the 4th or 5th indie game company he runs into the ground, the poor developers he leaves behind will take his steaming pile of shit and turn it into something awesome.

    That is what you meant, right?

  3. I looked forward to Horizons for YEARS… And sadly, never even knew it was playable until it had changed hands and became Istaria (which is a copyright infringement of the Dragonlance novels). The game had so much promise; promise in the form of words and pretty pictures. On every other front, the company completely failed to deliver in ANY aspect. Too sad, really. :(

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