Re-Norming Expectations

Several sites that I visit have ads in flash or otherwise in motion. Colors, movement, look at me, whee!!!!!!!!!!! I get away from them as quickly as possible. I recently saw one of their usual ad spaces with a simple ad, black text on off-white background. I was so surprised and confused that I stopped to look at it.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Re-Norming Expectations”

  1. Obnoxious ads are a large part of why I don’t have Flash installed on my main browser. Completely solves the problem there… For a couple of websites that actually USE flash for something I’d actually WANT, I’ll use IE to view.

  2. That reminds me of those TV commercials where there’s no sound at all. It’s so jarring that it makes you stop and look at the screen.

  3. Speaking of site design annoyances though, I’m really beginning to loathe that WPTouch WordPress plugin (that I notice KTR is using as well).

    One of the greatest things about recent smartphones is their ability to render websites in their full (or nearly full) glory. When we get redirected to other “mobile” sites, we get annoyed, but putting a quasi iPhone skin is instead a fad. Look at me, whee!!!!

    I know, I can turn it off, but that somewhat defeats the convenience aspect of a browser in my pocket.

    1. I was just playing around with that plugin. I don’t ever use an iPhone to browse the KTR site, but I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Forgot I still had it active, thanks for pointing it out.

      1. Coolness. Thanks for responding to my little side-topic rant Ethic. =)

        There are lots of little features about KTR that I do love (IE: The post-post edit window).

      2. I noticed it too, it certainly gives the website a very different feel with only the titles and some text on the main page. It loads crazy fast though, which is a huge plus.

  4. At work IE6 with everything locked down, same as another commenter above.

    At home Firefox with AdblockPlus and a script blocker (which admittedly is set fairly permissively). I thought this was fairly common too.

    I can’t stand when basic websites (i.e. to order pizza or some such) have ridiculous flash stuff as frequently I can’t tell the difference between it breaking and their site being overloaded. And it means I can’t load up two tabs with different information from the same site quickly. Argh. Less flash plz kthx.

  5. I love AdBlock. The tears of frustrated advertisers are ambrosia for my soul.

    …and yes, it’s interesting how people tend to notice the *different* stuff more than the *flashy* stuff. We’re wired that way as pattern-hungry entities. It’s surprising how many ad agencies don’t understand that, and just go for the shinies (which really only helps their competitors…).

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