Removal of No-Trade in SWG

Different games call it different things. But whether you call it “Soulbound” “bio-linked” or “no-trade”, it all means the same thing: you can’t give away or sell an item once you have it. Developers put in no-trade items so that you’re forced to beat a boss to get a great piece of loot or forced to actually earn your own armor for your character. You can’t just have a friend give you a set of all the top-tier items and tell you that you beat the game.

This is the case with the epic jewelry rewards for the “Heroic” instances in Star Wars Galaxies. But tomorrow’s patch for Star Wars Galaxies will remove the no-trade tag from all new heroic jewelry.

The goal it seems is to remove the no-trade tag from the game entirely. Auctions for full sets of all the end-game rewards will run a player about 50 million credits. All the best armor in the game, the best rewards for instances, and one of the best weapons can be purchased for real life dollars. Some players buy SWG virtual trading cards which are commonly traded for in-game credits and some send the cash to Chinese credit farmers directly.

The effect of making end-game trade-able is to remove the last bit of theme-park elements from the mess that is Star Wars Galaxies. While some took the change well, my friends referred to this newest patch as the “New NGE”

Buying jewelry makes sense, but that epic jewelry isn’t really just jewelry… it’s a set of stats and skill modifiers related to your class as a reward for completing all the content the game has to offer. If end game items are trade-able, then character advancement is trade-able. Put away that lightsaber, it’s time to swipe your credit card instead.

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10 thoughts on “Removal of No-Trade in SWG”

  1. Sure, if this was WoW and the only point of your game was getting items. But this isn’t WoW, it’s SWG. Where the items are a means to an end, not the end.

    1. Have you played recently, Drayko? I tried it again last year and end game is PVE Heroics/Raids and battlegrounds. In other words it operates VERY like WoW.

      As for removing BOP I don’t understand it at all. It’s as if they’re saying we want gold farming. Maybe they’re preparing to implement some kind of item shop for end game dungeon loot.

      1. And while it’s certainly true that a lot of people focus heavily on heroics, it’s hardly the same deal as in WoW where raiding/instances/pvp/rep is the end of the game. My guild has one day dedicated to heroics, the rest of the time people do whatever they feel like – there is a lot more to SWG than that.

        See below about your comment about item shop/gold farming.

  2. Ummm, ok.

    I guess this just goes to prove that a lot of players will never be pleased, ever. No-trade has been debated for a long time in the SWG community, and the devs decided to listen to the people that thought that no-trade was bad for the game. That felt that the sandbox that was/is Star Wars Galaxies suffers from it.

    We’ll just have to see what this change will mean for the game, but summarizing it with “it’s time to swipe your credit card instead” is just plain silly and uninformed. The people that wanted to buy credits would do so no matter if the heroic jewellry was tradeable or not. It’s not like soulbound items have stopped gold-selling in other MMOs.

    With “some”, you might mean “a lot of people”. Far from everyone of course. I’m just happy that the current devs are willing to change things, to actually dare to make sweeping changes to the game. Others hate it. That’s the way it always is.

    I can’t see an item shop for end-game loot happening. Why would SWG be different from all other sub-MMOs out there and do that? A removal of no-trade from a lot of items (not all) might spell disaster. It might also be a good thing for a sandbox MMO.

  3. 50 million credits to be loaded out including heroic jewelry eh? Don’t think so. Maybe on the most populated server, not on the rest. Removal of no trade is a win for the community since many of the best things have been no trade. In my terms, best things includes paintings. Get rid of no trade, woohoo. I really don’t understand all the QQ’ing over it. Also, it give me a chance to say QQ. As far as anyone that calls this the new NGE, geezus. Grow a pair. It’s not even remotely comparable. QQ moar indeed.

    I don’t mean to sound like a troll but I’m astounded by some folks who claim thay’ve previously enjoyed SWG, stating that this is the final straw. To me that says that they pay and don’t play, or possibly, don’t even pay. Lord knows some people love to slam SWG just because they’re still bitter about the NGE or even CU.

  4. Sounds like a move in the right direction to me. SWG wasn’t exactly planned to be a WoW clone, and changing in that direction really hasn’t been terribly kind to them.

  5. Much of what SWG does these days just looks to me to be ways to mollify the remaining players until the announced shutdown of the game — inevitable with 2 new Star Wars MMO’s in the works (SWTOR and SOE’s browser-based Free Realms-like Clone Wars MMO).

    I’ve said for a long time that SWG would really benefit from conversion to F2P. It’s too bad SOE doesn’t seem to agree.

  6. Funnily enough I re-installed SWG yesterday. It’s a game I’ve always had access to under Station Access but I have rarely played. Mrs Bhagpuss refuses point blank even to try it after the compulsory tutorial made her physically sick.

    No-Trade is a contentious concept at the best of times. It’s notable that SoE’s previous flirtation with a free-trade environment, EQ1’s Firiona Vie server, drifted down to become one of the lowest population servers EQ has. As did the premium service server, the name of which escapes me. As did all the PvP servers. Makes one wonder whether there’s actually any point in having more than one ruleset in the same MMO.

  7. I’m not familiar with SWG system, so are they removing BoP style items, or the whole concept of soulbound (or whatever you call it)?

    While not having BoP style concept in a game means trade-able end-game, it’s not like end-game never was tradeable to begin with: even back in the pre-TBC times of WoW, one of the fairly common ways to finance a guild would be to allow outsiders to join farm-runs to buy loot you’d not need in your guild. I guess WoW later (at least partially) solved that one by having bosses where a single death essentially means a wipe.. but I bet you still see such deals here and there (though haven’t personally played in ages, so no idea really).

    The other problem that even BoE solves is much more interesting: if items are “essentially permanent” (ie. someone can afford to always use the best they have), every time someone upgrades their items, the old ones (if not soulbound) enter market, and sooner or later there is essentially unlimited supply of second-best stuff, driving prices down. Soon everything except the best stuff costs absolutely nothing. This is sort of larger problem than trade-able end-game. Or does stuff in SWG break permanently after some time/use (the alternative solution)?

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