Massively Speaking is 100!

One of my favorite MMO podcasts, Massively Speaking, just turned 100 episodes old.  It’s a well-balanced podcast that plucks news and interviews from all over MMO space.  It’s great that they really try and shed light on some of the lesser known MMOs, but also give some good insight on the larger news stories.

For the 100th episode, they interviewed Richard Garriott.  Now, I’ve had my jests at Garriott, but the guy is truly a savant for our genre.  His commentary, insights, and stories in the interview are quite simply fantastic.  Shawn Schuster, one of the hosts on Massively Speaking, said that he was ready to drink Richard ‘Gool-Aid’ after interviewing Garriott, and I have to agree.  The show is well worth a listen if you have an hour to spare your ears.

Congrats, Massively!  Here’s to a 100 more.

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2 thoughts on “Massively Speaking is 100!”

  1. I really liked Richard Garriott describing the complicated eco-system they had setup in Ultima Online, where the balance of predators and prey in the wild would influence the populations, and how it was completely overwhelmed by the player base which slaughtered wildlife so rapidly that the mechanism never really came into play.

    There is a lesson and a real world analogy in there for all of us.

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